Fall Training


Fall Into Your Training

What's your favorite season for running? I know mine is Fall. Hands down. 🙌 With the summer winding down I'm pumped that my favorite season is rolling in. Bye bye heat and humidity and hello fantastic weather. 


Fall is the perfect time of year to get serious about training. As we progress through the end of Summer you'll start to see some strength workouts like longer intervals and hill sessions. Races will get closer and in our track sessions, we'll get a little bit more race-specific. These sessions are set up to get y'all ready for any halves or 5ks that may be fast approaching. You'll see intervals at Half Marathon Pace as well as some faster intervals to get your legs moving faster when you're all tuckered out. 


No matter what you're training for whether its a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or a Marathon the Fall is filled with tons of options. You could hit up the Downtown 5k, the Ocean Road 10k, the Seacoast Half Marathon or the Ocean State Rhode Races Marathon. Literally, you've got a ton of options for races this season.

Use Those Races

The best part of this season is that abundance of race options. I'm a huge proponent of training through races as a stepping stone towards your ultimate goal race. Part of the reason we designed the race series the way we did this season, was to help folks build toward either a Half or Full marathon in the fall. Use those races to not only push yourself but learn about where you're at within your training, did that 5k feel a little rough because you went out too fast? How can you work on that? Listen to your body or use a watch to real yourself in if you have to.  Use these races as a sort of dress rehearsal for the big day. 

Enjoy the Season

Like I said the Fall season is literally the best season for running. Enjoy the weather, it's cool, it's crisp, the leaves are going to start changing color and New England is gorgeous this time of year.  Enjoy the weather, enjoy your friends, run with your teammates and have yourself a damn good time this Fall. We're so pumped! 

Coach E