Jamestown Half Marathon Preview



September is filled with a ton of great races. We had the Providence Police 5k (which we dominated by the way) the Downtown 5k and this week we have the Jamestown Half Marathon. Half Marathons are my favorite distance, long enough to be quite the challenge, but not so long it will knock you out of commission afterward. The Jamestown Half Marathon used to be in July (how to I know? My wife and I ran it the day before we got married in 2012) now it’s in September and us runners are surely grateful for that shift. Temps will be cooler and the weather should be spot on this weekend, get ready for a great day at the races. 


Half Marathons are a little pricey but if you’re a Rhode Runner Running Club (link to registration) member you’ll find yourself a sweet discount in your weekly newsletter for the Jamestown Half. We’ll also be hosting packet-pickup for the event at Rhode Runner on Thursday September 20th from 5pm to 7pm. If there are any spots left you can register that day at the shop. However, we recommend you sign up online via this link here and do so quickly because there are only 12 bibs left at the moment. If you can’t make it to the Rhode on Thursday you can pick up your bib Friday at the Jamestown Community Center from 3pm to 7pm or Saturday before the race at Fort Getty


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So Jamestown is an island so typically the thought is it’s gotta be flat…not so much.  This is a challenging course to be frank. But who doesn’t love a challenge!! Not only is the course challenging, its downright beautiful. You’ll start at scenic Fort Getty and circumvent the island of Jamestown. There are gorgeous views of the ocean, the Newport Bridge and lovely downtown Jamestown. This course can be challenging but it is certainly worth the effort as you’re rewarded with those awesome views and a sense of accomplishment! On course you’ll find Cliff Gels, water and Bananas at multiple water stations along the way.


So before the race you’ll get your bib, t-shirt and other goodies. After the race you’ll get the sweet Jamestown, Rhode Races medal. Why is it shaped like that? Cause the Jamestown half is just one of many in the Rhode Races series. There will be an a bunch of snacks after you finish and a ton of water for y’all to drink! 


The Jamestown Half Marathon is an awesome event and comes highly recommended by Coach E I’ve run it and I enjoyed it. Again while it is a bit challenging you’ll be rewarded with a well organized, super fun and super scenic race! 


Coach E.

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