Summer's Last Hurrah


Summers Last Hurrah

It’s the end of August and that means Summer is winding down and coming to an end. But have no fear there is plenty to do in the running community before the calendar ticks over to Fall. 


Enjoy these last few weeks

It’s important to enjoy these last few weeks of Summer. If you’re a teacher like my wife then you’re really feeling the squeeze with only a few days before school starts back up. The nice (hot) weather is going to be in full force this next week and its a perfect time to adapt your training to take advantage. 



Training in the summer is always a little tricky, especially when it’s 80 or 90 degrees out. What I like to do when the weather gets that hot is take a little trip down to the cooler parts of the state. We’re called the Ocean State for a reason people, find yourself some coastline. The cool breeze is perfect to help you get your run in comfortably. When it really looks to be a scorcher try to get out there early if possible. 



Racing is always tough through August but towards the end and beginning of September, we start to see a bunch of awesome races popping up. We just had the always fun Fierce Running Festival and the always awesome Providence Police 5k is coming up shortly. You’ll get to see yourself on the jumbotron in the Dunk! Followed up by the Downtown 5k you’ve got the perfect racing schedule to get you into the Fall, where the real racing can begin. 


Prepare for the Fall

The Fall is no doubt one of our favorite seasons, the weather is crisp, the temps are cool, there are a ton of great events and with the leaves changing the scenery cannot be beat. Getting ready for the fall includes, getting those kicks ready for some solid training. This is especially true for those marathoners, you’ll want to get at least 70 miles on those shoes you’ll be racing in. Investing in some solid apparel is a great idea too, you’ll be layering up so we want to make sure you’re covered. A good Half-Zip is a great place to start. 

We’ve enjoyed running with everyone this summer, we’ve heard your stories about the Blessing, we watched you battle the heat at the Bobby Doyle 5 miler and we were there when you dominated the Fierce Running Festival. Now we get to watch y’all crush these upcoming races, it’s going to be a blast.