Stay Dry My Friends



We talk a lot about clothing that moves moisture and keeps you dry. The goal being to make your run as comfortable as possible. Luckily we here at the Rhode are well schooled in technical apparel as well as footwear.  Let’s talk about how these garments help move moisture.

Polyester Vs Cotton

Most of the technical running apparel out there is made of a polyester material or a cotton/poly blend. Why? Polyester is super effective at moving moisture. Polyester holds only .4 percent of moisture, whereas cotton holds 7 percent. Running companies, weave these polyesters in a way that spreads sweat as far across the garment as possible in each direction via channels and gaps. Think about if you were to pour a cup of water on the counter and leave it there vs taking that same cup of water and spreading it across the counter. Which cup dries quicker? The one you spread across a larger area.

Polyester works at spreading that water or sweat out whereas a cotton T-shirt or socks will hold onto that moisture in a smaller area. When we go out for a swim we dry off with a cotton towel. Why? Because it holds on to moisture. That’s the last thing we want our t-shirts, shorts, sports bras or socks to do.


It’s super important to consider a polyester t-shirt or short. But socks are next level important. Your feet are your foundation your base and you need to take care of them. Wearing socks that hold onto moisture can not only be uncomfortable but also lead to blisters. You may not realize it but blisters can do much more damage than just an ugly foot.


In regards to socks, if you get a blister in a certain area on your foot you may adjust your stride to avoid hitting it, which may cause your foot to land a different way, which may cause your ankle to move a different way and things change all the way up the kinetic chain.

When running especially in the summertime you’ll want to avoid friction as much as possible. That’s why a great sports bra, t-shirt, and shorts are key. Getting athletic apparel that keeps you dry will help you avoid chafing and blisters.

So remember cotton is rotten. Invest in some solid gear and you won’t regret it.

If you ever need any guidance or have any questions about running apparel, socks or sports bras the staff at the Rhode is here to help!


Coach E