So why is it we hop on the track every Tuesday evening. What are the benefits of track workouts and intervals in general? Below I give ya a few reasons why track workouts are awesome and why our Track Tuesdays are so much fun. 


Obviously you have to run fast to get fast. But to delve into the science of why track workouts and interval sessions build speed lets take a look at a little protein called Myoglobin, not Youroglobin...Myoglobin. Myoglobin transports oxygen to the mitochondria in your muscles, which in turn produce ATP to give your muscles energy. So, as you increase your myoglobin, you improve your body’s ability to quickly transport oxygen to the muscles for energy, making you able to run faster. Speed work is uniquely beneficial in this aspect, as research indicates that high-intensity running is the best way to develop myoglobin.


In a lot of our workouts you'll see that we close with a 200 hard the goal here is to get comfortable running fast while tired. When you're racing it can be difficult to stay on pace further into it, especially when we get into the half and full marathon distances. After a few Track Session you can go back to the well at the end of the race and know, I destroyed that 200 after cranking out 8 - 800s so I can finish this race with a bang! 


Fast Twitch, Slow Twitch? These track workouts will help you develop those fast twitch muscles which are typically used during shorter events. However, during the Marathon or Half Marathon, when you get tired your body will recruit these fast twitch muscles to get you across the line. So lets strengthen these puppies up during these Track Sessions.


Bottom line you have to run fast to run fast. When training you need to get your body comfortable running your goal pace. A great way to do that is to run faster than goal pace for shorter intervals. These sessions help you focus on your pace and knowing how your body feels at that pace is key to racing well. You'll eventually be able to feel 730pace or 630pace or whatever, no need for a watch. The track is the spot to learn to run fast. 


Our track sessions are unique in that you'll have someone watching over you (myself or pacers) and folks cheering you on. Our team is awesome in that no matter your pace or ability we're there for you.


Teamwork makes the dream work. I think thats how that actually goes. Our track sessions are unique in that they force you to work together to accomplish your goals. You're grouped together with similar paces and are able to feed off each other to accomplish your goals. Its easy when running on your own to give up, I've been on the track myself where I wanted to just walk away during a tough workout. Its always much easier to do that when there are no other people around. Having teammates around helps hold you accountable. 

Speed work is super important and a great way to get faster and set new PRs. Be sure to mix it into your training regularly to not only get faster but help keep you entertained and afterward you'll feel like a million bucks!