Tips for Spring Time Running


Its Spring! At least thats what the calendar says. We're looking at a few days here of 50 degrees or more so I'm thinking its safe to call it...though round these parts you never know! Anyhow with the change in weather comes a change in running. What do I wear? How do I get back into this Running thing? What races are coming up? Don't worry we got some tips. 

What to wear? 

Spring is a great time to look at your closet and take inventory on what you may need. You may or may not have taken some time off in the winter and maybe those shoes are looking a little worn or your over burdened with layers of winter running gear. Fear not! The Rhode is here to help, if new kicks are what you need we'll assess or reassess your gait and make sure your running shoes are still the right support for you and find you a comfortable set of kicks to train in. If the wardrobe is looking a little thin for the warmer months we've just received a ton of Spring gear from Nike, North Face, Asics and Mizuno. You'll want to invest in a solid pair of shorts and t-shirt for when it starts to warm up. We recommend dressing for 20 degrees warmer than it is outside, so if its 50 dress like its 70 because you'll heat up once you get moving. 


Getting moving can sometimes be the hardest part, believe me I'm there right now. I haven't been able to get out of the Winter funk yet and will definitely need y'all to give me a push this spring! Consistency is key and doing too much too soon can lead to injuries that throw a wrench into that consistency. With that in mind starting out nice and easy in the early spring can lead to a successful summer and fall. You'll want to set a goal for your training to help keep you on track for sure. Having something to train for is super helpful. Keeping a training log can help as well, taking notes on how you felt during a specific run or what kind of miles you've been running can be informative when looking back. These notes can also help keep you motivated when you hit a bump in the road. 

Places to run


One of the best parts about Spring time is getting out and about to visit great local running spots in Little Rhody! We love hitting the rhode and checking out awesome places to run in our little state. Below are a few suggestions. 

Matunick Beach - This spot is a fantastic seaside run with sweeping views of the ocean. You can run right along the water and even swing by my mansion a few blocks down the road for lunch ;)

Blackstone Valley Bike Path - This is an awesome spot to get more than a few miles in this spring. This run through the Blackstone Valley has great views of the river and some fairly flat terrain. You may even see a few Olympians training over there as this is a favorite spot for Molly Huddle to get in some uptempo work. I dare you to try to run with her! 

City Park Warwick - This is a great little park with views of the Bay. It's only a 2.7 mile route but is usually pretty wide open in terms of foot traffic and has some challenging twists, turns and uphills. 


As I mentioned in the training section, setting a goal is one awesome way to get moving when the weather turns. I know a lot of our customers here at the Rhode are shooting for the Blessing of the Fleet in July and maybe you should too! There are a ton of races to train for this spring and summer whether you're looking to hit up the Gaspee Day 5k or you'd rather run the Newport 10 miler or Blessing of the Fleet or maybe the Bristol Half Marathon. Either way you're all set in little Rhody! So this Spring, set a goal and GO GET IT! 

These are just a few tips to get geared up and ready to rock this spring. We're looking forward to another season of great running and racing! If you have any other tips feel free to drop them in the comments section! 


Coach E