Mike Silva of Foundation Performance is our Go-To guy when it comes to running injury questions. We recently had him in for an injury clinic/runSTRONG class with our Beginning Runner Group. He shared a few of his favorite Dynamic Warmups, Stretches and Strengthening Exercises. Check them out below. 


  1. Tigger Walks
  2. Soldier Kicks
  3. Lunge Walks
  4. Cross Over Side Step
  5. Running Jacks


  1. Side Plank
  2. Eccentric Calf Raises
  3. Single Leg Squat
  4. Single Leg Bridge
  5. Single Leg Reach


  1. Calf
  2. Hip Flexor
  3. IT Band
  4. Piriformis
  5. Hamstring

Its tough as runners to squeeze everything in, running, foam rolling, stretching, strengthening etc...but if you take just 15-20 minutes and perform these "Top 5's" you will not regret it. 

A huge thanks to Mike Silva of Foundation Performance for supplying the videos above and for helping keeping our runners injury free! Follow them on Facebook for more great tips.

See you on the Rhode!

Eric Lonergan