I run with my legs, not my abs. Whats the deal? How can getting a strong core help me become a better runner? Well, core strength reinforces the way that your pelvis, abs, hips and lower back work together.

A strong well-balanced core does a few things: 

-Reduces lower back issues

-Improves posture

-Improves balance

-Improves power generation

There are a few key muscles runners need to work on specifically. Its important to note that the "core" isn't just your abs it includes your hamstrings, glutes, hips, lowerback and obliques. Core workouts should target these muscles to help reduce injuries and keep you running. I typically will integrate these types of workouts into my training a few times a week. Below is a great video I use and part one focuses on all parts of the "Core". My wife makes fun of me cause I'm always saying I've go to do my "Pascal Doberts"!

Pascal Dobert, strength conditioning coach for Nike's Bowerman Track Club, takes you through this two-part strength routine that he uses to condition Nike's top athletes. The only equipment you'll need is a pair of running shoes (or 2 pound weights if you would like to up the difficulty). Perform this workout twice a week to build power, endurance, and speed.

Remember that becoming a better runner doesn't just mean running more. It does help for sure, but you cannot run more if you are injured and doing the little things like core workouts, foam rolling, stretching etc...will keep you on the rhode for the long haul. 

See you out on the Rhode!