When it comes to footwear there are few shoes that have been around for as long as the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, in fact it could be the longest tenured running shoe out there. I've been running in the latest version for a few weeks and wanted to share my thoughts about the newest Zoom Pegasus. 


This shoe is now my favorite running shoe, hands down. Its light enough to feel fast and substantial enough to train in every day. We have a lot of shoes here at the Rhode and every shoe fits/feels different. For me in particular, this one just fits. Balance is a huge factor in having a shoe feel good on the foot, the Pegasus is well balanced and just fits. 


The upper on this shoe is seamless and breathable. In fact its much more breathable than last years version. The fit is dialed in and fits close to the foot. In addition to the flymesh upper materials Nike uses what they call Dynamic Flywires through the mid foot to lock in the arch of the foot. These Flywires allow you to dial in the fit a bit more than some other options out there, allowing you to snug it up as you see fit. I have a tendency to tie up my shoes a little too tight and so its helpful for me to be able to adjust on the fly if needed. 


The ride on this shoe is where it really shines. Zoom Air Technology has been around for over 35 years and below is how Nike explains it works:

HOW ZOOM AIR WORKS: Nike Zoom Air technology turns the pressure of each step into ultra-responsive energy for the next. As your foot lands, tiny fibers inside a high-pressure Zoom Air unit compress, dispersing the force to soften the impact, then quickly snap back into place, springing you into your next move.

From my personal experience Zoom Air Technology is one of my favorite cushioning systems out there. Its cushioned, yet responsive, some folks enjoy a HOKA ONE ONE shoe with a tremendous amount of cushioning for me however I feel like I have to work really hard to get through the mid-sole in order to get going forward. I prefer a shoe that gives a little more back to me, and the Pegasus is one of those. 


Overall the Pegasus 34 is a great update to a classic running shoe. My favorite shoes are simple, to the point and understated. I'm not a huge fan of bells and whistles in my footwear, and the Pegasus is a no frills, every day trainer. At Rhode Runner we only carry shoes that we believe in, you won't see the Nike Zoom Air 360 or Shox or any "Athletic Fashion" shoes marketed as running shoes, you'll only find truly functional running shoes. To me the Pegasus is a distillation of  what a great neutral should be, lightweight, soft yet responsive, durable, and it looks pretty sweet too! 


I'll be writing some footwear reviews in the future and they won't all be as glowing as this one so stay tuned to read my thoughts on some of the awesome and not so awesome running footwear out there on the market. 

I'll see you out on the Rhode! 

Eric Lonergan 

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