We Are All Athletes


One of our key points we like to drive home to our Beginning runner group throughout their training is that we are athletes. In each and every human there is the ability to run. It's in our genes. We drive this point home by explaining that we train just like elite athletes do. You know that Blackstone Blvd we run up and down? Molly Huddle runs there too? You know our manager Patrick was in the Olympic trials and Katie who works at the shop was on the US Cross Country team.  You're surrounded by elites here in Providence and they train just like you do. If you're in our Run Club or have attended any of our sessions, you know what it takes. Let's break it down. 


Goal Setting

We need goals it's how we know we've accomplished anything. Whether you're running the Chicago Marathon with Christine, Stephen, Ashley, Gil or Michael or you're looking to run a fast 5k like Danny. Setting a goal is something Run club members and Shaylene Flannigan do. 

Dynamic Warmup/Activation Drills

What are all those wacky movements we do before the Speed Runsession and Recovery Run? Those are Dynamic Warmups, designed to wake up the muscles used for running these movements help prevent injuries and get you ready to perform at your best. Check out the video to see some great Dynamic Warmups to add to your training.

Interval Training

When you join us for our Speed Run or take part in our Beginning Runner Group you are Interval Training. Elite athletes work these sessions into their training blocks to get faster. Just like you. As I mentioned in our previous blog Speed Work Makes the Dream Work to run fast you need to run fast. Interval training gives you a chance to run at race pace or faster for shorter periods of time with recovery inbetween. These sessions help build up tolerance allowing your body to get comfortable at faster speeds. 

Every Run Has A Purpose

Hard days are hard. Easy days are easy. Yoga days are yoga-y? Anyway just like Elite athletes our runs have a purpose, the speed run is a hard effort, the recovery run is a day to chill out and recover, the long run is a day to build strength, even bootcamp class is a day to cross train. Every day has a purpose and there is a method to madness make sure to hit the speed run hard and use the recovery run to do just that. Recover.

Rest and Active Recovery

Active recovery are things like foam rolling, going for a light jog, or a bike ride, or hitting a yoga class. These are great ways to give your body a break from running but still get some work in. There will be days when you need to rest completely and give your body a break from the rigors of training and working and taking care of the kids and the rest of the things life throws at you. That is just fine, Galen Rupp takes days off too. 


So there you have it. There really is no different between you and Molly Huddle or Matt Centrowitz. 

Eric Lonergan 

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