Cox Rhode Races Recap!

Cox Marathon and Half Marathon Recap!

Boy that was fun!

Our favorite part of operating a running shop is interacting and creating relationships and friendships with the community.  The Cox Providence Rhode Races is an awesome time to see so many of those friends achieve their goals!  We watched Stacia, (red singlet) and Pei (yellow singlet) run an awesome time in the half, and Kristy (purple singlet) dominate the full. We watched as Paul Chekal crushed his goal time in the marathon by 3 mins and saw Toni Tourony and Virginia Porter (members of our Beginning Runner Group 2 years ago) run a half marathon at an awesome pace!  

We had a great turnout from our running club and not only did some of our staff watch the race, but a good portion of them were out there running! Ray and Eric (me!) we're out in the half, and Patrick ran the full!  Overall it was an awesome day for a run and we love watching the running community accomplish their goals!

We've seen so many runners and walkers accomplish their goals throughout the years and it always puts a smile on our face!  Whether they came in for a comfy pair of shoes to walk around in or shooting to finish their first marathon we're always pleased to be able to help!  The Cox Rhode Races are a great opportunity to cheer the running community on!