Blackstone 5k Recap and Results

July 29th 2015

It was a steamy one out there this month and with the added benefit of a Jazz Concert in the middle of our run times no doubt suffered.  Everyone who took part deserves a hardy pat on the back for even showing up!  With temps at 90 degrees or above and humidity at what seemed like 110% it was a rough day for a run.  Runners still showed up and had an awesome race!  They even helped us out with our first attempt at actual results (though we still have some kinks to work out more on that below). 

So we gave it a go with results this month and we feel fairly confident that we nailed the top 25 so we're only going to release those folks.  We may have nailed the bottom 25 as well so if you think you fall into that category and would like to know your approximate time feel free to shoot me a note.  Things got a bit hazy in the middle where we had a few folks with bib numbers who clocked times but did not officially sign up.  But hey you get what you pay for right? We'll certainly try to make sure that doesn't happen next month so we can nail it!  Anyhow you can see what we came up with below we've highlighted what we feel confident in.  Again every one did a great job and we'll see you on August 26th!

Very Unofficial Results.

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