Running is...

Running can be a lot of things to a lot of different people.  For some it's a stress reliever for others its a competitive outlet and for still some others its just a fun thing to do!  We spoke to some of our Employees about what running means to them and why they do it. 

Marketing Manager Eric Lonergan (Me!)

For me running is many different things.  I use it to relieve stress and organize my thoughts. It's rare these days to have time to yourself and for me running is one of those times.  I also enjoy competing and I just think it's plain ol fun! 

Store Manager Patrick Moulton:

I love running because it has allowed me to be involved in a very special community of people who inspire and motivate each other. Running has always made me feel good and has always presented a challenge for me. It first started trying to run a half mile down the block of my neighborhood as a kid to running marathons (or ultra) today.  The feeling I get afterwards is the same - I can't wait to go do it again!

Accessories Buyer Jim Morris: 

Why do I run? There are 4 reasons why I run. First it was a means to an end as I wanted to quit smoking years ago and started running as a way to do it. Second it was a means to drop weight...and keep it off. Next, I felt much better after doing a run...very sluggish if I didn't. Finally as a competitive person, it offered me a way to compete with other runners and I enjoy that challenge.

Weekend Manager Jason Ashley:

I love running because it allows me to keep a positive mind through day to day tasks and helps me to stay sane! Life has enough obstacles without being unable to handle them physically. It's important to have a positive relationship between mind and body. Lastly, who enjoys getting tired on the dance floor?? I sure don't! 

Comment below to share with us the reasons you run.  

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