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We all have different reasons to run. Some run to set personal records, some run to complete their first race, some run to de-stress and some run just for the fun of it. I tend to lean towards that last one these days.  


Some us run to get or stay fit. Running increases lean muscle and decreases fat, this leads to increased metabolism, better bone density and overall health. One of the main benefactors of running is your heart, as the most vital organ in your body, raising your heart rate helps strengthen the heart and improve its efficiency. It also has a tremendous effect on another vital organ...your brain. Running stimulates the creation of new nerve cells and blood vessels within the brain helping to reduce the effects of age-related shrinkage. Some folks run to get that "runners high" and there is no doubt that it is real. Running in nature especially promotes the release of endorphins and helps your brain hold on to neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. A 2012 study out of Switzerland found that running for just 30 minutes every morning for three weeks improved subjects sleep quality as well as mood and concentration levels throughout the day. 


There are so many reasons we head out the door every morning. Health, wellness to de-stress, to get outside or set a PR. I run to keep a clear mind and to accomplish goals. I always feel as if there is something else to accomplish so at the start of the season I'll pick a race or event and shoot to set a PR or have a good run there. Running also gives me the time to plan out my day, construct my to do list and de-stress a little bit. 



who wants to run outside?


Where we run plays a big role in how we feel about the run that day. Hitting the treadmill may seem like a super easy way to get your run in without thinking about it, but making the extra effort to get outside can help score some sweet Vitamin D. 41% of Americans are deficient and getting outside for a run will help boost your levels and help ward off depression, type 2 diabetes and strengthen your bones. Just be sure to throw that sunblock on before you head out the door. Running is also a social event, if you've been to any of our group runs you know that runners are super friendly and running with a group is a great way to get you out of your shell and meeting new people. 


Meeting new people at our group run sessions and local 5ks, half marathons and the chocolate milk mile is one of the ways to keep running entertaining. Mixing it up is a huge factor in keeping running entertaining. Mix up paces, locations and events to keep you on your toes. Hitting the track on Tuesday helps inject some uptempo running into your routine and increase speed. Mixing up locations such as running near the beach one run or in the city for another or hitting the track etc...helps keep you from getting stuck in a rut. Maybe you've run a bunch of 5ks, so lets head out for a half marathon. 


Share in the comments below why you get out there and run!

See you on the rhode! 

Eric aka Emoney