Hydration. Its something that moves to the forefront when the weather starts heating up. With August officially here the heat in the humidity will be around for the next few weeks. I thought I'd write a little review/informational blog post about one of my favorite things to drink. Nuun. Its spelt funny but dehydration is no laughing matter. Lets take a look at why using an electrolyte replacement drink is super important and why water just may not be enough. 

why are electrolytes important?

"Electrolytes are essential to fluid and nutrient absorption and play a key role in hydration, running performance, and health. Your body loses these particles along with fluid through your sweat, making it incredibly important to replenish before, during, and after exercise. Without electrolytes, the water you drink can't be properly absorbed and will make its way through your system quickly and without benefit to your body.

The four main electrolytes that play vital roles in hydration and exercise performance are: sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. sodium and potassium are needed at greater quantity, due to their important roles in fluid retention and preventing muscle cramping. magnesium and calcium complete the electrolyte profile by aiding in muscle contractions and movement."

-nuunlife blog


I'm a huge fan of nuun because of how convienient their pacakaging is. Its super easy to drop a tab into a 16 oz bottle of water or break it in half for an 8 oz glass. The tab form is so much better than having powder as you can bring the tabs along on a race if you're out for a marathon or half simply grab a cup from the water stop drop in a half or quarter tab and a few seconds later you've got some delicious nuun! The tube is super easy to pack and bring along if you're traveling. 

burn time


hey stock photo guy


Nuun has industry leading burn time...the first time I hear the nuun rep say that I nearly laughed out loud. Its something that they pay attention to though over there. The goal is to get those electrolytes into you as quickly as possible, its no joke either. We've tested out a few different brands and their right Nuun does have industry leading burn time!


The one thing we love about Nuun is the fact that there is zero sugar in there. Sometimes gatorade can feel like you're drinking a bottle of soda and I'm sure your dentist agrees. Its nice to have something that gives you what you need in terms of electrolyte replacement without the heavy syrupy flavor of a gatorade. They come in a variety of flavors, my favorite being strawberry lemonade and lemon lime. 

Hydration and nutrition products can be very personal as some folks may find one product works better for them than others. For myself nuun is my go to electrolyte replacement drink, I'll chuck two of those tabs into my 32 oz hydroflask and be set for the day. There is a reason its all I bring up to the track workouts for you and for our BRGers on Monday and Thursday. I love it. As with any nutrition or hydration product give it a shot, test it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below. 

See you on the Rhode! 

Eric aka E-Money aka Eric "electrolit" Lonergan


Static Stretches


Static Stretches

We do dynamic warmups. We run and then we stretch. We know what a dynamic warmup looks like from our blog post last week. Lets take a deeper look into what those static stretches look like. 

Why do we static stretch after our run? Static stretches lengthen muscles and tendons, increase flexibility and increase range of motion. We want to prevent injuries and this is a great way to do it. Be sure to get out there and stretch a little after each run. 


Flamingos help lengthen and stretch the quad muscles and open up the hip flexors. What you'll do is grab your right ankle with your right hand and pull that ankle towards your behind. Hold for 10-15 seconds and switch to the left. Below is a picture of what it should look like. 

Here is a video of a baby Flamingo....just because.


This stretch focuses on the hamstrings and the calves. Everything is connected and a tight hamstring can really be a bother. This is the stretch where we put our foot out in front of us, reach for our toes and hold for 10 to 15 seconds on each side. Below is a picture of what it should look like. 


The IT Band is the culprit for a lot of injuries in runners. Ankle hurts? It could be your IT Band. Knee hurts? It could be your IT band. Hip hurts? It could be your IT Band. You get the picture this is a super important stretch to do following our practice sessions. Cross your right foot over your left head down towards your toes, turn towards your back leg and hold. Below is a picture of what it should look like. 


This is an awesome stretch for your hip flexor and for your quad. Stand with your feet together. Step forward with your right leg and extend your left leg behind you, lower your left knee close to the ground. Keep your front knee directly above your ankle. You will feel the stretch in your left hip flexor. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. Below is a picture of what it should look like. 


The side lunge is a great stretch for the glutes, adductors, quads, abductors and tibialis anterior. "Staying low, take a slow, lateral step to the right. Keep your toes pointed forward and stay low. Extend the left knee, driving your weight to the right, flexing the knee and hip into a side lunge. Maintain good posture through the entire spine, keeping your head and chest up. Hold for 10-15 seconds on each side". Below is a picture of what that should look like. 

So those are a few of the static stretches we use every time we go out for our run. The main goal is to remain injury free. I certainly hope this helps! 

See you on the Rhode



The Ladder.


The Ladder.

Nice Work


It's used for painting your house, screwing in a light bulb, at Rhode Runner we use it to get shoes that are up high and on the track we use a ladder for our activation drills. Well the ladder is also a super effective way to organize intervals at our track Tuesday sessions. Speed work is all about tweaking the length of intervals vs rest depending on your goal. This week we climb down and then up the ladder. Why?  

First lets explain what "the ladder" is, this week our workout is 1600, 800, 400, 800, 1600.  We'll be going down in distance and back up. This is a great workout to build strength and improve aerobic recovery time. Our paces get faster for our shorter intervals and slower for our longer intervals. We want you to be a little tuckered out for that final mile, its a grind but that's what racing is all about. How does it work? 

According to coach Sarah Crouch "Ladder workouts that start with shorter, faster intervals flood the legs with lactic acid and teach your body how to persist with fast running even though they are tired and heavy,” she says. “Descending ladder workouts that decrease in interval length throughout the workout—but increase in pace—teach your body how to change gears late in a session.”  - Runners World. Our workout this week will do a little bit of both. We'll start longer/slower switch gears and pick up the pace then now that we're a little tuckered out begin to build strength for the longer races this fall.  

Ladder workouts build not only physical strength but mental strength as well. With the workout this week the hope is you'll know you can go deep into the well in a race if needed.  Maybe you made a move half way through and feel a little tired...now you know you've still got something left in the tank...boy...now that I think about I wish I did this workout before the Blessing! 

See you on the Rhode! Or the track! 

Eric aka E-Money aka E-$


Dynamic Warmups.


Dynamic Warmups.

They're dynamic, they warm you up and you should do them every time you head out for a run. I've mentioned them in the past but I thought we'd dive a little deeper into what they look like and why we do them. Lets take a look at our routine. You'll want to do each of these warmups at least 5 times on each side. 

Knee Tucks. 

This warmup exercise engages the hamstring and helps warm up the calf before our workout.

Start by raising one leg and pulling your knee directly toward your chest. Focus on keeping posture and shoulders tall.
Pause and hold briefly.
Add more dynamic movement by raising up on the ball of your foot and lifting your heel.

(You can skip that last bit for the time being.)


There is probably a way better name for this warmup than Flamingos but we're rolling with that! Anyhow...this warmup is great for activating your hip flexors and quads before the run. 

Your going to grab your ankle and pull it towards your lower back. Push your hip on that same side forward to get a deeper stretch and engage those hip flexors. Remember to keep moving as we want to focus on warming up the muscles. 


Like Ice Cream Scoops only better. This warmup is awesome because it does a great job of engaging the hamstring and calf, but also helps get that ankle warmed up a bit. 

You're going to stick your right leg out in front with the toes pointed up. Dive down towards those toes and scoop up. Then switch legs immediately, I like to name ice cream flavors as I go along...

IT Band Warmup

The IT Band is a runners nemesis. Its a band that runs along the outside of your leg from your hip to your knee and down to your ankle. The IT band typically acts up in and around the knee, so its important to get it warmed up before we head out for our run. 

You're going to cross your right leg over left. Dive down towards your toes. And turn back towards the right. Once you feel that stretch switch sides. Left foot over right. Dive down turn towards the left and back up. The dude in the video below does it a little different in that he twists before he heads down. I prefer going down first as it is a little more gentle. 

Forward Lunge Warmup (Pulses)

This is another great warmup that wakes up multiple muscle groups. We engage the glutes, hamstrings, quads and its great for your hip flexors. 

Step forward with your right leg. Make sure both knees are at 90 degrees with your left knee just above the ground. Pulse up and down 10 times. You do not need to put a rope over your head like the lady in the video below. 

Side Lunges

With this warmup we're helping wake up the glutes a little bit along with the hamstring and adductor longus and adductor magnus on the inside of your legs. 

You'll start with your legs apart and sit back and down towards your right side. Come on up and dive down towards the left. 

Those are some of the warmups we use every time we head out for a run. 

See you on the Rhode! 

Coach Eric


10 Tips for The Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler


10 Tips for The Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler

The blessing of the fleet is the premier 10 miler in Rhode Island. No offense to the folks who put it on but if someone tries to tell you its the Newport 10 miler, slap em. Real Rhode Islanders know, its the Blessing. I've done this awesome race a bunch of time and thought I'd share a few tips for those who plan to race this Friday! 

Take a Sick Day

It may not be in the cards for some folks but if you can take the day. With a 6pm start time a day on your feet or cooped up in the office could take that PR off the table. You could maybe catch that summer cold that's going around or have eaten something terrible the night before...anyway...if you can, take that sick day!

Plan for Traffic!  

LA? Or

Route 1?

Another factor of the 6pm start time is the traffic getting down to Narragansett. Plan on leaving the house a little earlier than you would typically. It's beach season and you most likely will run into some beach traffic. Believe me there have been a few times when I've run out of number pick up and right into the race!  

Grab your Number Early

The folks from the Blessing hold their early Packet pick up on July 22nd so if you were able to do that you are ahead of the game for sure.  For everyone else make sure to get to the event well in advance of the start. Give yourself time to grab your number and avoid my usual sprint to the starting line!

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Its July. Let's be honest it's most likely going to be quite sticky out there.  It's not the heat, it's the humidity. It may dawn on you at around 5pm oh crap! I haven't had anything to drink! Be sure to avoid this and start drinking (water that is) throughout the day. Whether you're at home (cause you're sick remember?!) or at work make sure to chuck back some water so when the race starts up you're ready to rock. 

Be Prepared for Wacky Weather

Heat and Humidity are not the only two factors that affect this race. This time of year Scattered Thunderstorms are par for the course and the Blessing is no different. Be prepared, even if you check the forecast and it looks sunny and clear be prepared for a downpour at mile 5. It's inevitable. 

Take it easy the first few miles

The first mile specifically. It's down hill. And Fast. You can get a bit carried away at the start and forget that there are nine more miles. It's a long race and for a lot of folks it's their longest race of the year. Go out conservatively and you will not regret it.  

Grab some water (or beer) along the way




There are some water stops along the way so be sure to take advantage. Try to grab a drink on the regular if it's real steamy out.  Maybe do every waterstop or every other waterstop depending on how you're feeling. If you see a beer...snag it. Why not? 

If you see an ice bag grab it! 

Same goes for ice bags. They show up intermittently during the race and if it's a hot one you'll see a few more than usual. A few of the water stops have them and folks will be handing them out along the way. If you see one grab it cause you may not see one again.  

108 is not really that long

Yeah it is. No it's not. It feels like forever. Really it's like 2 miles. In a 10 mile race it's not that long. Yes it is. Don't do this to yourself. Get out of your own head. You'll feel like 108 goes on forever (it does) STOP! No it does not, it's only 2 miles you can get through 2 miles you're one tough cookie. Put your head down and run. 

Enjoy yourself

The Blessing is popular for one reason, its a big ol party! From the folks blasting music at the start to the frat boys handing out beers at mile 4 you'll have a good time if you let yourself. You should let yourself. It's down in Narragansett you're running by the beach, relax enjoy yourself...

Bonus points if you can name the orange speck in the background of the picture at the top of this blog post. 

See you on the Rhode! 

Eric aka Emoney aka The Orange Speck.