Run All the Miles. Eat All the Donuts.


We’ve all seen the t-shirts that read “RUN ALL THE MILES, EAT ALL THE DONUTS”. So this past week on Our Run Club the Podcast Ray and I sat down and chatted about some of the guity pleasures we feel we can indulge in because we are runners. We had a blast with this one and you can see the top 5 food Ray and I like to indulge in via the list below.

Donuts (eric and ray)

Donuts are so good that Ray and I both had them on our lists. Both of us agreed that we prefer a light and airy kind of donut when compared to a heavier more cake-like donut. If we’re going to eat cake we’ll just get a slice of cake for Pete’s sake. We both agree that Allies donuts are more our style, and that if we had to eat a heavier donut we’d go Knead over PVD, but to each their own! What type of donut do you prefer?

Ice Cream (eric and ray)

Ice Cream baby it’s another one that made it on both of our lists, while we may disagree on flavors the fact that we both picked Ice Cream means one thing, we’re both very very smart. Great minds think alike and great minds enjoy Ice Cream. I went with a sweet cream flavor from Inside Scoop as my favorite Ice Cream and Razor mentioned something about Pistachio, he’s such an old man. If I go soft serve I’ll do a nice coffee with chocolate sprinkles or vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. Oh and we’d go waffle cone ALL DAY! What do you think?

Chips (ray)

Now this one was only on Ray’s list, but that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy some chips every now and again. I think I had cake in it’s place. I’ve got more of a sweet tooth. Razor however likes a little saltiness to indulge in, and after a long run I can’t blame him. A good crispy potato chip, or tortilla chip with just the right crunch (I’m thinking Cape Cod Chips) is a fantastic way to indulge after putting in some work!

Cheeseburgers (eric)

This could arguably be the most un-healthy item on our top 5 list. This item only appears on my list because our good friend Ray is a vegetarian, which is cool. I’m a fan though of a good quality cheeseburger and while I try not to eat them every day, I think since I’ve run a few miles I may be able to handle one every once in a while. Wait this isn’t a blog post about justifying my guilty pleasures, just listing them. Any one else like a good cheeseburger!?

Beer (ray)

Razor put this one on his list and I did not, I think Pizza was in it’s place on mine. But there ain’t nothing wrong with a good solid beer. Now I’m a fan of stouts and porters, but I think Razor digs the IPAs and Lagers a bit more. It’s all good! I like a good craft beer as much as the next guy but I always know I can trust a good ol’ Guiness. So next time you see Razor out for a run toss him a nice cold one and he’ll thank you for it!



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