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We’re runners, and you know that runners are all unique individuals and just a little bit crazy. Who else would wake up at 500am to get their miles in before the summer heat hits. I know I do and you know why I do…cause I’m a runner. Us runners are always thinking up some crazy event that turns into something bigger than you’d imagine. You know the Falmouth Road Race was just a run from one bar to another, and now thousands of people take part in it. Did you know that there are races that involve eating donuts, hot dogs and drinking chocolate milk, beer and who knows what? We break down a few of those events below. Ray and I chatted about this on the latest episode of Our Run Club check it out.

Spartan Races

So the spartan races are next level insane if you ask me. You take a bunch of obstacles of varying difficulty and you throw it in the middle of a very difficult trail race. There will be walls to climb, mud pits to crawl through, fire to jump over, water to wade through, barbwire to crawl under and a whole host of other craziness going on. These races are well known for their team work and camrardiere building aspects as well. If you’re looking for a race that may kill you check out the 24 hour Spartan challenge. Man they must have some iron-clad waivers.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

Now at the other end of the spectrum we have the Krispy Kreme challenge. Designed exclusively for the runner who thoroughly enjoys donuts and doesn’t mind throwing up, the Krispy Kreme challenge invites you to run 2.5 miles, eat one dozen donuts and run another 2.5 miles immediately after. Now this kind of race is right up my alley, Krispy Kreme donuts are light, yummy and super easy to scarf down. I think this is something I should try….what do you think?

Bay of Fundy

You ever race against the ocean? It sounds tough. But I think you could do it. Next time you’re in Canada check out this awesome 5k or 10k challenge. The Bay of Fundy has a tide that goes out so far that you can run across the ocean floor for 5 or 10 kilometers. It’s a sloppy muddy mess of a run, but it certainly is a blast. The tide goes out so far they call it the “not since moses” race. Check it out at www.notsincemoses.com.

Running of the Bulls

This is a run we’re all familiar with, we’ve seen the crazy people on the Youtube videos getting gored. But at only a half mile it’s one of the shortest of the crazy runs that we take part in. This is another event that started as a practical walk of the bulls from one side of the city to the other and has turned into a spectacle that people travel from all over the world to come too. It’s probably one of the more dangerous of the events, I’d put this one next to the Spartan race for sure.

Color Run

The color run is one of the more fun and less dangerous races out there. This race is less about time and more about having a fun experience…if your idea of fun is getting blasted in the face with some colored powder. It’s a very fun event and having taken part in one or two I can tell you that the people throwing the color don’t really aim at your face, they’ll try to get the color all over your outfit…you’re encourage to wear all white (luckily it’s not after labor day).

Coach E.

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