Providence Half/Full Race Review


One of the best races around is the Providence Rhode Races Half/Full/5k that takes place every May in here in Providence. The folks who put it on are genuinely interested in putting on a great event for folks and while I usually take part I was unable to this year. With that in mind I asked a few run club members for their thoughts. 

my thoughts

Having done this event a few times in years past I have a few thoughts on the Half Marathon. I'm a huge fan of the course and really enjoyed running fast on the same roads I train on. It definitely felt like a home course advantage when I've run it in the past. Its a challenging course but most of the hills are over with the first few miles and you get most of em back on the second half of the course. Its scenic and its fun and thats a winning combo for sure! The Full Marathon I have not run but I've heard good things as well, it spends a little time on the East Bay bike path and that is always a great spot for a run!

from runners this year

Stefan - "I did not do nearly the amount of miles to get ready to run a personal best time at the Providence half. However, I did. The course felt like my own back yard just by running the Blackstone Blvd pretty much every Wednesday. One thing if I can take this away anyone can. Stop thinking you need to have nothing but structure in getting better at running. You got to tell yourself not to worry if you don't hit your time. Stop worrying about your watch and run."

Heidi - "I thought the race was O.K. The only reason I ran it again this year was because my Achilles runner needed a second guide; I didn't have good experiences last year with some of tge staff. At one of the water stops they had run out of cups so if you didn't have a hydration vest you were screwed. I also thought there should have been more cones on the course as parts were a little too open to traffic."

Heather - "This was only my third half marathon but hands down my favorite! Every road we ran brought back a memory of a race I'd run or a fellow Rhode Runner I treked that road with and made it worth the run! I can't wait for next year!"

Johnathan - "Beautiful weather, great crowds, nice views of Narragansett Bay. Fantastic training cycle despite the long winter resulted in a 15 minute improvement PR over my previous attempt at Newport a last Year. Fixed a lot of mistakes from my rookie marathon, and uncovered a couple new ones to chew on over the next year."

Wendy -  “Well I'll give you the best review I can.  Providence was my very first half marathon so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I will tell you it was a great experience! The race was well organized from beginning to end. The course was well marked with lots of volunteers along the way. The hydration/nutrition stations were well stocked and I think they were spaced at good intervals. If I have to have one negative  it's they ran out of bananas after the race. Wahhh I didn't get my banana after running 13 miles, oh the horror 😂!! I would and probably will run the half again next year! I give it 2 👍🏻!!”

Lucy -“My review of The Providence Rhode Race 1/2 Marathon is pretty much all positive.  There were plenty of water stops along the coarse with Blocks Energy Chews and also Gatorade offered to the runners.  The coarse was very good except for a road in Pawtucket that was torn up but I ran on the sidewalk so it was not a big deal to me. All the volunteers and security were wonderful and very friendly.  I know its hard to monitor but I think they ran out of pizza because spectators were eating a lot of the runners food……..hopefully the marathon runners were able to grab some!  I had to defer my registration last year because of an injury which was a big plus for me.  I would run this race again!!”


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