Different Shoes for Different Yous



Whats the best shoe? Thats a question we get a lot here at the Rhode. Typically we answer with “the one that fits”. We could also add “the one that gives you the correct amount of support. Its a tricky question to answer because everyone is a little different. Its also important to note that the most expensive shoe is not always the best, we’ve seen $200 shoes we wouldn’t run a step in. Right now the best bang for your buck is right around $120, you could pay more but make sure that $160 shoe feels $40 better.

What's the diff



Every brand builds their shoes around a different fake foot called a last. These have many variations that give the brands their fit, thats why some New Balance kicks are roomier than some Asics kicks. The goal here at Rhode Runner is to get that fake foot to match as closely to your foot as possible. Now since every foot is a little different, some are wider, some are narrow, some have high insteps and some have no volume at all it can be tricky but thats why we’re here ;)


Now in addition to having a different fit most brands have a slightly different feel underneath the foot. You’ve seen advertisements for Asics Gel or Nike Air. All brands have their own version of cushioning, Brooks DNA or Adidas Boost come to mind. They all come with a different feel underfoot and its important to note that when trying on shoes. Are you looking for a soft shoe where you won’t feel the ground at all? Try the Hoka Bondi its one of the softest shoes on the planet. Like something that feels a little faster and has some support? The Brooks Ravenna might be the ticket if it fits right. Again we’re here to help guide you through so be prepared to answer some questions when you do stop in.

What's right for me

This is why we ask all those questions, why we watch you walk or run, why we measure the length and width of your foot while keeping in mind the height of your instep. To find you the right shoe, it takes a little bit of time but it is well worth it when you’re out on your 20 miler and the only thing you’re worried about is when to take your next Gu.


Once you find that right shoe (and the left of course!) it just disappears. It goes away, doesn’t slip in the heel, you don’t move around in the forefoot, the cushioning is just right and oooo baby you’re ready to run or walk a bunch of miles! That is until next year when they update the shoes…and we start all over again!