It sounds gross. It kinda has a gross texture to it, but its delicious. GU Energy Gel is just that. Gel that gives you energy. The spring racing season is upon us and since some folks are training for some Half and Full Marathons I thought I'd share a post on an essential item to help you get through those long runs. 


"Energy Gels provide easy to absorb and digest calories from carbohydrates that deliver immediate and sustained energy without the stomach distress that often occurs from eating. Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, aids in hydration by maintaining water balance, while branched-chain amino acids may reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage. Roctane Energy Gels provide more sodium and BCAAs than regular Energy Gel, making them a key tool for high-intensity or prolonged activity when nutrient depletion and muscle damage occurs rapidly." - GU Energy Gel


Start by taking a gel 15 Minutes before your long run and then every 45 minutes throughout. A lot of people have different strategies but I suggest taking it with a little water if possible, it just makes it a little easier to get down. You'll want to test a few different flavors out during your longer runs to make sure they don't bother your stomach. Certain flavors will have different levels of caffeine so if you are someone who is sensitive to that be sure to pay attention. I stick to the decadent flavors like chocolate, vanilla, caramel but some folks prefer the fruity flavors. Heres a pro tip, if its cold out side, take the gel out a few minutes before you plan to eat it, hold it in your hand, it becomes a little more viscous and you'll find its just a little easier to get down.


I found in some of my long runs and marathons that having that gel not only filled up my stomach and helped replenish lost electrolytes and carbs but it was also a mental boost as well. I even tried to reward myself the last few miles of the marathon with a little taste every mile for the last few and it definitely helped!


It's GU's 25th birthday and they'll be celebrating with a brand new Birthday Cake flavor so be sure to check it out when it arrives at the Rhode. I tried a bit and man is it good! 

See ya on the Rhode!