About a year ago I wrote about a few of my favorite spots to hit the rhode. With Spring fast approaching I thought I'd write up a post about five great spots to run especially when the weather heats up. Below are a few suggestions for spots to run, click here if you want to check out the other places I wrote about, or leave some suggestions in the comments section! 

Ocean Road - Narragansett


There are always folks out on this route along the seawall, walking, running or riding. Head out on a Saturday morning and you'll spot the Narragansett Running Association group run. This spot is truly a treasure, sweeping views of the ocean and its fairly flat.  A run from the Towers in Narragansett to the lighthouse in Point Judith will give you around a 6 miles. Don't believe me? Check out the Ocean Road 10k. One of the best parts of taking the journey is a little Clamcakes and Chowder after the run at Aunt Carries or Iggys.  


Lincoln Woods


Need a quite spot to get a run in? Look no further than Lincoln Woods, even though we're heading in to spring this is the perfect spot to get a run in when the roads are a sloppy mess. They always plow it and at 2.5 miles around the loop on the road will keep you entertained with views of the pond and plenty variation. When the snow thaws out go exploring in the woods and you'll find some fairly well maintained trails. You can turn that 2.5 mile loop into 5 miles no problem!


Cumberland Monastery


This is another awesome running location for those in Northern Rhode Island. It offers plenty of great quiet well maintained trails to run on. There are gravel paths for those who like to stick to less technical trails or you can head up into the woods for a little more adventure. It's really a great spot to get a run in!


Ryan Park


Even if I didn't live across the street this one would still be on the list. This is an awesome spot to hit some low key less technical trails for a longish run. The trails are really well maintained, you may even see my uncle out there clearing the paths of brush and fallen trees. Whats nice is you can really go as far as you'd like without worrying too much about getting lost. If you're really lucky you'll find the footbridge for a lovely view of Belleville Pond. 


Cranston Bike Path


Technically called the Washington Secondary Bike Path, this spot is an awesome one for those looking to a long run. Maybe you've got a marathon coming up and you just want to zone out and not worry about traffic. At 19 miles from Cranston St. in Cranston to Log Bridge Road in Western Coventry, it is the longest bike path in the state. This awesome path is generally flat but has a gentle downhill slope from west to east. This is seriously one of my favorite spots to run and if you decide to head out there on a Sunday you may just see Phil and I out there crushing some miles. 


These are just a few spots in Rhode Island to hit the rhode or trail and get a run in. I'm sure you've got some more suggestions so go right ahead and leave those in the comments! 

See you on the Rhode!

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