The Beginning Running Group Recap


We started this together

16 weeks ago, we began. We sat in the New Balance Community Room and we chatted about our goals and the idea of training for a 5k. Maybe it was our first ever, maybe it was our first in a very long time, but we chatted. They always say the first step is the hardest and the folks that made it through the doors that day took that very difficult first step. We discussed that we would need to commit to running three days a week for 14 weeks straight and that our coaches and pacers would be right beside us every step of the way. A bunch of us committed that day and we were off and running.

We trained for 14 weeks together

The 14 week training program always seems to go by so quickly. As the coach I start with a baseline workout plan that takes us from day one to day ninety eight. Yup ninety eight days. A few weeks in we’re tweaking workouts based on how the group is feeling, and the time just flies! This was one of our favorite groups so far (“oh Eric you say that to all the groups” 😉), we had a strong commitment from quite a few folks and their upbeat attitude and non-stop positivity helped make this season a special one. We started with workouts that totaled 15 minutes and finished with workouts that lasted 49 minutes. Thats no joke. We prepared with practice at the race course, we learned about Nuun, foam rolling, what great socks feel like and how to prevent injuries. We had ourselves a blast and can’t wait to see our “Beginners” make their way to our RRRC crew.

We dominated race-day together

This crew did fantastic at the Monster Dash! Not only did our Beginners crush it but our entire RRRC crew did awesome! We had our BRGers running the entire 5k and some even broke 30 minutes for the first time ever. Super impressive. What gets me pumped is watching the new runners mingle with the vets and feel like one of them. No longer can they say “I’m not a runner”. We all know now, if you run, you are a runner. Period. End of Story.

We move forward together

Now we shift our focus to what we do next. For our RRRC crew we move into the Winter season where we will no doubt dominate our destination race and the 4th season trail race series. We’ll have a slightly bigger crew as our beginners hop on up to join us and we’ll see a few new faces Wednesdays. So lets welcome them, and move forward towards an awesome winter of running! SO PUMPED!!! LETS DO THIS!!!!!


Coach E