They Did the Monster Dash...a Graveyard Smash!

“you running the monster dash?” “I’ll be there, no bones about it!”

“you running the monster dash?” “I’ll be there, no bones about it!”

I’m here to let you in on a little secret. The Monster Dash 5k is a blast. It’s not a race for you to hit some PR’s or run a fast time…although I have heard the course may be a little short...It is a race for you to have a good time, dress a fool, enjoy yourself and have fun with your teammates. Below I’ll give you a breakdown of the course, the atmosphere and the zombies…wait what?

The course

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 9.37.45 AM.png

Don’t mind

the spiders.

So as I mentioned above this is not a race for PR’s and really that’s got nothing to do with the course. It has more to do with the fact you’ll probably be dressed as a banana or hotdog. The course is actually pretty flat, check out the picture. The only real hill will be in the bus tunnel. It’s quite a hill though. There are two reasons to look on the bright side though, the first being at least you’re getting it over with in the middle of the race and not at the end and the second, it’s way better than going up and over college hill! You’ll find the second half of the race pretty fast as you’re making your way back down to the river.

The zombies

Speaking of the tunnel. It’s filled with zombies. Like trying to eat your brains zombies. So you’ll need to be careful about that, they aren’t super aggressive and they aren’t very smart (they don’t have brains after-all) so you’ll easily duck and get around them. The issue is they’re there. In most races you really don’t need to think about dodging zombies, this one you do. They can pop out and scare you or just be in your way so be sure to have your wits about you in the tunnel.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere at this event is awesome, there are folks dressed up like all sorts of things, you’ll see vampires, the aforementioned banana or hotdog, you’ll see those dastardly zombies and you’ll see superman and princesses the whole nine. It really is a great event for the whole family. The atmosphere in the tunnel is frightening as I’m sure the race director will have some real scary music so be ready for that! He’ll probably also have the fog machine going so those zombies may be a little tricky to spot. Overall though it creates a fun and exciting atmosphere throughout the whole event. Afterward there will be snacks and drinks for all the runners along with a really cool medal.

Your teammates

You’ll have folks to run with. Hang out have yourself a good time as we’ll have right around 30 teammates joining us at the Monster Dash. We may not be able to recognize them but they’ll be there! You’ll get to meet the BRG crew that crushed their 14 week training and they’ll be rocking and rolling on the 28th.

I’ll be hanging out under the Rhode Runner Tent so if you need me to hold on to anything feel free to drop it off!

We’ll see you there!


Coach E