The Mill

It was quite literally below 0 degrees the past few days and running outside was downright dangerous. When getting out the door is impossible it doesn’t mean that workout has to go too. Lace up those kicks and hit the mill baby!! 

Just Do It

We all know taking the first step is the hardest. Especially when that first step is on the mill. In order to get myself going I make sure I dress up in my running clothes well before so I can just hop on and go. Preparing yourself mentally is tough but once you get in a rhythm you’ll be all set.



where you goin?


Some folks put the treadmill up to 1% grade, some put it up to 3%, some mix it up. Myself I’m more of a quick start kind of guy. It’s tough enough for me to get on the treadmill let alone run up hills on a treadmill! They add a bit of elevation to the mill to replicate running outside, which makes sense, but I’ve heard adjusting the treadmill grade doesn't equate to running outside ( either way give yourself a pat on the back for getting on the treadmill in the first place. 

Short Strides

Because the ground is moving underneath you sometimes it can feel like your bounding along. The treadmill is the perfect spot to practice increasing your cadence. More steps per minute makes you a bit more efficient and on the treadmill it’s so much easier to get into a rhythm without wind, traffic, potholes etc...getting in the way. Use it to work on your form. 

Don’t look

The hardest part about running on the treadmill for myself is the time and distance seem to slow down. Ever say in school when you were a kid and stared at the clock, it seemed like the day would never end!! Sometimes on the mill I’ll throw a towel over the screen so I can’t look at how far I’ve gone or how long I’ve been on there.  Avoid getting to caught up in the numbers, stare straight ahead or...

Put on the TV/Music

These days treadmills are filled with technology, some have TVs built right in! I find zoning out and watching the TV or rocking out to some tunes. Christine likes to thrown on a little Fixer Upper and I’ll chuck on some Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and the run just flies by! It’s the perfect time to get caught up on some stranger things...just avoid a binge watching session as ya may not want to be on the mill for 8hours!! 

Anyhow I hope these tips help get you through the winter months with some solid training. 

See you out on the Rhode!! 

Coach E