Essential Summer Gear


So its official Summer has arrived. Those of you who join us on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday for our group runs know its getting steamy out there. Last week I shared a few tips with the club for battling the heat. This week I've put together a post all about the gear that will get you through the summer. Read on my friends! 



Its whats for dinner.

Hydration. Its super important all the time but even more so in the Summer. When it heats up we sweat, its what we do. In that sweat we lose electrolytes that help keep our muscles firing on all cylinders. So how do we combat that? We drink nuun! Whats nuun? Its a zero sugar electrolyte replacement drink. It will replace things like sodium, magnesium, potassium and more that are lost in your sweat. I'm a huge fan because it has zero sugar and is way less syrupy than a Gatorade would be. 


Of course shorts would be on this list! Now the important thing to remember about shorts is finding the brand/style that fits you and feels the most comfy. Just like shoes, all companies have a different fit to them, Nike is a little slimmer, where Brooks and Saucony have a boxier fit. Our suggestion is to try a few different brands and get a pair that doesn't rub or slip or have any issues. Most will have a brief liner built into it and some will have a compression short built into them, the brief may be cooler in the summer but if you have issues with chafing a short with compression built in may be a great option. 


A good t-shirt can take you a long way....maybe even through a 20 miler...A rule of thumb here is steer clear of cotton. If you're like me you'll be doing quite a bit of sweating while you're out there on the roads this summer and a good polyester t-shirt will help keep you dry by moving moisture from your skin and will protect you from the sun (some t-shirts will have UV protection built in). T-shirts though are similar to shorts in that they all fit a little different, its very important to pay attention to seams around the armpit area to make sure they do not chafe. 


When the weather heats up it may be wise to ditch the sleeves. Get yourself a sweet tank or singlet to race or run in to cool yourself down a little bit and improve your range of motion. Again these garments are going to be made from a polyester blend that takes moisture and spreads it across the garment so it will dry quicker. Make sure to wear a bit more sunblock though as you don't want to end up with lobster arms. 


This is an item that pretty much every one on the staff has purchased. Its an unbelivable waterbottle that keeps your water or sports drink cold. And whats colder than being cold? ICE COLD. I said whats colder than being cold? ICE COLD. Hydroflasks come in fun colors and are the best water bottle around for us runners who want to stay hydrated during the summer months. 


Chafing. Its a runners nemesis. Irritation on the thighs, underarm etc...can be a drag on any runners performance. Bodyglide is the answer, sweat/water proof and way less greasy then vaseline it will help those spots that typically chafe glide right on by each other. Its also an awesome blister prevention tool, you can throw some on your feet, chuck on some sweet socks and say farewell to blisters my friend! 


sweet shades


It wouldn't be summer without some sweet shades! At Rhode Runner we only carry one brand of Sunglasses and thats Tifosi. Why? Cause they're the best, they offer the quality of your Nike, Oakley or Smith sunglasses but at a fraction of the cost. Their sunglasses start at 39.95. Sunglasses are super important for the summer months to help prevent cataracts, wearing high quality sunglasses protects your eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses also help prevent blue light from entering your retina helping to prevent macular degeneration. 


I love 



If you know me you know I wear hats, whether I'm running or racing I'm rocking a hat. Not only are they a great accessory to look super cool, they help protect your head/eyes from UV rays. I'll rock my hat backwards on occasion to block the sun from my neck area and prevent sunburn. Wearing a hat is also a great way to keep sweat out of your eyes, and if it starts raining it will keep the rain out of your eyes as well. 


Sweaty feet are just awful, they lead to blisters and that is no fun. A good set of socks can go a long way in preventing blisters on your feet. You'll want to steer clear of cotton socks for sure during the summer months. Good socks are made of the same materials as good t-shirts and shorts would be, a polyester blend is best for moving moisture and keeping your feet dry. Another thing to pay attention to with socks is where the seams fall on your feet, seamless socks are ideal but if you do end up with seams make sure they don't fall in annoying spot. 


Ooooooooofos is more like it. These sandals are no joke, perfect for working around the house, hanging at the beach or wearing after you just crushed the blessing of the fleet, they provide support where traditional sandals do not. Built up through the arch and contoured to match the natural shape of your foot they help you recover after a hard workout or race. They're also super durable, yet soft in addition, they are machine washable and come in a ton of fun colors. I rock the slides...mostly so I can wear socks with them...cause I'm cool like that. 

Anyhow I hope this blog post helps get you all geared up for the summer time! Remember to hydrate, stay cool and have fun! If you have any questions about summer training feel free to ask in the comments or next time you're at the Rhode! 

See you on the Rhode! 

Eric Lonergan