Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Believe it or not its already that time of year!  So if your ready to get in the spirit and spread some holiday cheer, than our holiday gift guide is here to help with you with all of the runners on your list!  

30 Dollars and under

If your looking for something useful that will aid in any runners enjoyment than we have you covered with alot of great options!

1-  Balega or Feetures Running Socks-  These socks are a great addition and instantly a must have to any runners wardrobe.  They will keep you blister free, wick the moisture away, stay above your sneakers and keep you super comfy!

2-  Clip Lights-  A clip light is a great addition to any wardrobe and can easily transition any of your favorites into a night time piece so you can easily be seen.

3-  Road ID- This is a great product to keep your friends safe, you can get these id tags in many different options from shoe pockets for your credit card to bracelets that can be worn all the time. They contain the runners name, phone number, city and any allergies which can be imperative in emergencies.

4-  Rhode Runner Running Club Membership-  In case these aren't enough and you know that your friend wants to take their running to the next level than why not sign them up for the super awesome Rhode Runner Running Club!  The club comes with a discount, super cool jersey to wear at races, training plans, track workouts, a race series and some really great people!!

30 to 60 Dollars

1-  Foam Roller-  A foam Roller is an excellent tool for any runners closet.  It is great to use before runs to increase the body temperature and helps to aid in recovery.

2- Sports Bras-  Another super important piece maybe even the most important piece to the ladies in your life is a sports bra.  They definitely make the runs much more enjoyable and come in sizes such as S, M, L or can come by band and cup size.  Another benefit of coming into our shop is that we also do sports bra fittings which is very helpful.

3-  Fuel belts-  If your friend is looking at getting into some higher milage the Fuel Belt products are the way to go.  There is a stretchy waistpack that can fit a single bottle, Gu or even your phone.  If thats not enough than we also have 2, 3 and 4 bottle belts for those who are looking to be out there for a while racking up the miles.

4- Gloves & Hats-  For any diehard or runner in general its always nice to go out and finish a run with warm hands.  Depending on the glove you are looking for, some are wind proof, come in visible colors, use reflective materials, or are made of breaththermo technology such as the gloves made by Mizuno that actually heat up when you sweat!

60 Dollars and up

1-  A Proper Pair of Running Sneakers-  This is definitely the key piece to any runners outfit and should be replaced every 350 to 500 miles.  If your friend is looking for a pair and unsure what to get feel free to get them a giftcard and they can come right into our shop and get a fitting no appointment necessary.  Any time any day they can come in and we will do a gait analysis and get them fit up in the proper pair!

2-  A good pair of running tights or pants-  This is probably one of my favorite pieces of apparel because if you know me I am ALWAYS super cold.  These are a piece I wear almost all winter long that can bring me though the frigid runs in the 20's and 30's and make me get my butt out the door.  AND...they have a key pocket, are fleece lined and last forever which is great!

3-  A Warm Running Jacket-  As I said before I am ALWAYS cold, but the good news is its the winter so everyone else is too.  So therefore, to make winter running more fun you definitely need a good jacket to keep you warm.  Personally my favorite winter running jacket is the Nike Shield because its warm, has lots of pockets, thumb holes to keep your hands covered and reflectivity.

4-  A Jacket that is Wind and Water Resistant-  This is one piece that I must say I didn't believe in it until I tried it.  At first glance it is super thin and doesn't look like much.  But one of my favorites in this category is the Saucony Sonic Vizi-Pro Jacket.  Again I'll say it SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!  As you'll learn I am a huge proponent of safety and this jacket is great for the inbetween drizzling, or rainy runs and for the cold.  It also has some cool features like USB rechargable lighting, reflective pieces, breathable panels, zippered pockets, a safety vizipro color and it too will be a key in your wardrobe for many years! 

Well, I hope that this was helpful and as always please feel free to come in the shop and either myself or any of the awesome staff would love to help you with your shopping and to answer any questions.  We are more than happy to help with sizing, colors, styles or anything really and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.  Happy Running!!