Freedom. Space. Joy.

Yes you are a runner but remember in this joyous holiday season to slow down, take a breath and give yourself the freedom to enjoy it.

In this world today were we rush from appointment to appointment, we must give ourselves the space to enjoy the day and the freedom to take a day off.  Sometimes we should act on the opportunity to visit with friends and family, the urge to go for a bike ride or simply take a day off because we want to and thats ok.

I will admit it several years ago I was definitely addicted to running.  I would run seven days a week at 10pm, 5am or any other time in the day you may have seen me squeezing in a run.  In a snowstorm, the rain, or the day that most of Rhode Island flooded yup I was still out there.  Yes there was several years where I must have ran for 365 days and would even feel guilty about taking a day off but trust me its ok and even good for you to take a day off. 

Lets give a huge Congratulations to Matt & Amy Gingras on there adorable baby Willow Phoenix Gingras!!

Yesterday I had reflected on those day when I went to go visit one of our lovely run club friends and give her a quilt that I had made for her adorable baby and had planned to come back and run with the club after.  While I was visiting, I had been having so much fun and was enjoying myself that I decided to stay and not come run with the club and that was ok.  Thinking back to several years before I would not have been able to do that and would definitely have left early just to get that run in instead of just getting up early and going the next day.

Thinking about that made me remember how important it is to give yourself that freedom to take a day off if you need to or to skip a run every once and a while.  Iā€™m not saying to take a day off all of the time but sometimes its ok and you'll have such a good time that you will be grateful.

In honor of this holiday season remember to enjoy it, have fun, go for a run and take it all in!

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