Trot That Turkey Off


Trot That Turkey Off



So I thought I'd take a minute and write about the infamous Turkey Trot. A lot of people participate and there are numerous strategies to approach the Thanksgiving run. I'll share mine with you and while you may not really care what I do no Thanksgiving maybe just maybe, it will kill a few minutes for you...


The very best way to attack the Turkey Trot is to sign up for one a little later in the morning. Why? Because its a holiday. Nobody gets up early on a holiday...unless you're five and its Christmas. Its Thanksgiving, spend time with your family, even if that time is sleeping at home. No but seriously, 11am is probably the earliest you should run. Sleep my friends, enjoy the holiday. 

5k Race

Keeping with the lazy holiday theme, my approach is a 5k should be the farthest you run that day. Even if you're not going to make it out to a turkey trot, run 3.1 miles. You may see a few five milers out there or a half marathon (what? no way) take my advice stick to the 5k. You've got so much food to eat and there are only so many minutes in a day. Hit that 5k then get yourself home ASAP.


Even if you're a vegetarian and don't plan on eating Turkey, Thanksgiving is about indulging, in food, family and hopefully not political talk (steer clear of that!). Now that you've crushed your 5k you can indulge guilt free. Yup as you're piling those sweet potatoes high and the other family members are judging you...let em know..."I'm good, I ran a 5k this morning". Enjoy your food a little bit more than those who did not run. 

Feet Up

Put those feet up my friends. We've successfully made it through our Thanksgiving with a little exercise, a lot of eating and hopefully no politics. Maybe flip on a football game or fire up a little conversation with the fam and do not, under any circumstance go shopping on Thanksgiving! 

See you on the Rhode! 



Foam Rolling, Massage and Recovery.


Foam Rolling, Massage and Recovery.

So our good friend Joe from Triggerpoint stopped by Wednesday for our group run. We recently stocked up on some new tools from them to help keep our customers Injury free and on the rhode. 

foam roller

What is foam rolling and why do I need to do it? If you've ever tried it you know right away how much of a help it can be. Foam rolling helps increase blood flow through the fascia and can freshen up the legs, decrease recovery time and help prevent injuries. Check out the video below for more reasons why you should hit the roller. 

accu-curve cane

So Joe dropped a demo of this thing off a few weeks ago and it hasn't left my side. As someone who sits at a computer (like I'm doing right now) my back, shoulders and neck get super tight. This accu-curve cane give me leverage to loosen up those back muscles on my own. DEFINITELY check this thing out. It works great on the back, foot, glutes and a bunch of other spots! 

mb5 massage ball

Ever hit the foam roller but wish you could get into some tighter areas? The MB5 is just the right size to get into the hip flexor, get a little deeper into the glute and can isolate a smaller trickier area. Below is a review on how to unlock tight hips with the MB5 massage ball.

grid stk

The grid stk is a foam stick that can help relieve sore muscles in a more user friendly way. Use leverage to dig in deep without having to get on the ground. Below is a video on how to release the IT band using the grid stk.  

if you’d like feel free to stop on by and check this items out. Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions you have about the product and explain how to use each and every one a little more in depth.

See you on the Rhode! 








When the weather gets colder its important to dress appropriately. Layering is key and be sure to always dress for 20 degrees warmer than it is outside. Read on to see what to wear when the chill arrives.


The base-layer sits right up against your skin. You want a base-layer designed to move moisture and keep you dry. The North Face Flight Touji Long Sleve above keeps you dry and is seamless to avoid chafing and irritation. Thumbholes keep your hands warm when the weather gets cold. 

2. Midlayer

The most versatile piece in your wardrobe is typically a mid-layer piece. The mid-layer will go over the long sleeve base-layer when the temps dip down into the low 40s and 30s. The versatility of the mid-layer allows you to wear it over a tank/short/long sleeves or under a shell depending on the temps. If you need one and only have money to buy one piece this season this is the one.

3. Shell

Last but not least. The shell is key on those windy cold nights. Made of a wind proof and water resistant material the shell will go over the top of the base-layer and mid-layer when the temps dips below 20 degrees. The shell is awesome on warmer rainy days as well when paired with a long or short sleeve t-shirt.

We hope this gives you an idea of what to wear throughout the winter months. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to the friendly Rhode Runner Staff!  


Safety First


Safety First

its getting dark

Its official. The clocks went back yesterday and now its going to be dark whether you run in the AM or in the PM. November is Running Safety month and with good reason. Its important to keep a few things in mind as we get deeper into the fall and winter months. Lean on us here at the Rhode as we’re well equipped to answer any questions you may have. We’ve been there done that when it comes to running through the winter months. 



Get some.

be seen

Dress bright. Be bright. Reflective vests, blinking lights, brightly colored clothing. They are all your friends this time of year, invest in apparel with 360 degrees of reflectivity and with brightly colored accents. Face traffic, as I’ve said in a previous post you want to make sure you see cars coming and have their attention when crossing in front of them. 

download (1).jpeg


where you're going. 

see where you're going

Headlamps or clip on lights can help light the way when you’re out there in the darkness. Learn from my mistakes, I just literally twisted my ankle on a rock I didn’t see last week! So take it from me, invest in a headlamp or clip on light. The Rhode has some awesome rechargable ones that are super lightweight and very very bright! 

be aware

Be situationally aware. Plain and simple. Sometimes we want to get lost in our music or zone out during our run. This time of year is not the time to do that. Drivers have a tough enough time paying attention in the daylight, let alone when darkness falls. Always er’ on the side of caution, assume they do not see you and make sure they do before you cross the street or jump off the side walk. 

DSC_1402 2.jpg



run together

Get a buddy and get one quick. Join us on our Sunday morning or Wednesday evening run to make sure you have company. Need someone to run with the rest of the week? Chat it up with someone during our group run and set something up. Use our Rhode Runner Facebook group to schedule a run with someone. Its always better to be safe than sorry. 

treadmill yuck

Last resort. Hit the mill. You’ll get miles in and know you’re safe. Its terrible I know all too well, but at least you can get some work in. 




Beginning Runner Group Recap

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Beginning Runner Group Recap


an inspiration

Running can feel very redundant, it can be monotonous and it can be hard to get out the door. Whenever our Beginning Runner Group program is running I feel inspired to get back out there and start really training again. It can be tough for someone to get up off the couch and commit to training 14 weeks for their first 5k. A lot tougher than getting my butt out the door for a 3 mile run. The Beginning Runner Group this past season was very inspiring as they put in so much work and it was amazing to watch them accomplish their goal.



too fast for film. 

the start

The start of the beginning runner group is very much a feeling out process. We learn a lot about each other over the first few weeks and Ray and I learn quickly who can handle what. We knew right off the bat that this crew would be fun, there are always a range of abilities that apply and take part but everyone was super nice and encouraging. 

difficult beyond belief

FullSizeRender 112.jpg

As I mentioned in the first part of this post I find the Beginning Runner Group a tremendous inspiration. I always hear this and that about a good race I had or a training run that went well. I’ve been running for years and feel like sometimes people forget all the miles I’ve run. The fact that someone could make the decision to change their life, actually get up off the couch and train for 14 weeks straight is what is truly amazing.

no runner left behind

This crew epitomized the no runner left behind ethos. We do not care how fast or slow you run as long as you are putting forth the effort. This crew would run as a pack when asked and they always hung around and cheered for their teammates. We love the fact that our beginners look at this program as a team, its so helpful and makes their training that much more meaningful. 


a sense of accomplishment

It was fun to watch over the 14 weeks just how much the runners could do. At first one minute intervals were rough and boy when I introduced 5 minute intervals I thought mutiny was afoot. But they adjusted adapted and plowed their way up to 25 minute intervals and through the Monster Dash 5k! 

moving on up

Now we welcome this seasons Beginners into our Rhode Runner Running Club family. They earned it. I know what they’ll find is a club equally as supportive as their group. We’re so excited to see them move on to conquer 10ks, Half Marathons and who knows what else! 



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