We’ve all had our share of wet & windy runs this year, but what happens when you have no choice but to run in the stuff, especially on race day? It’s one thing to train in it, but when everything is on the line, you need to be well-prepared. Running a marathon (or any race) in the rain can be a daunting task - just ask anyone who raced the Newport Marathon this year - but there are ways to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be to battle the elements. Here are ten tips for running and racing in the rain, suggested by my friend, training partner and marathoner extraordinaire Mary D’Arcy:

  1. Bring a throw-away shirt. Moisture saps your body of heat and you’ll need to stay warm while you wait for the race to start and also for the beginning of the race. Then as soon as you’re comfortable you can toss it aside.

  2. Bring throw-away gloves. The same principle applies to your fingers. They too can get cold easily so keep them warm, then toss the gloves aside when you no longer need them.

  3. Bring a poncho to the race. Garbage bag with holes for arms and legs work too. You should also bring an extra one for that poor, unlucky soul who forgot his/hers.

  4. Keep your feet dry before the race by wrapping a plastic bag over them, then fastening it with a rubber band around your ankle. If this sounds silly, remember, you probably already look silly with that garbage bag.

  5. Apply Aquaphor (healing ointment) or even vaseline in between your toes to prevent blisters. Blisters can happen even easier when your feet get wet!

  6. Apply Body Glide to the areas of your body where skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothing contact can cause friction, such as below your armpit, around your waistline and in between your thighs. Body glide is a life-saver, especially when clothes are wet & heavy!

  7. Wear a running hat to keep the rain off your face. The longer the brim, the better it is. Running hats are also designed to wick the sweat off of your head, keeping it dry so it’s a win-win!

  8. Turn your phone sideways or wear it in a weatherproof case. Try to avoid letting  moisture into the headphone jack, either from the rain or from sweat. This could cause the jack to corrode and not work properly and worse, it could damage your phone.

  9. Keep a ziplock bag handy with toilet paper. Porta potties sometimes run out!

  10. While running, watch for holes filled with water. If you’re not sure how deep a puddle is, avoid it altogether!

Run smarter and you’ll be able to run in any weather. Bring it on, Mother Nature!!!

Coach Mwangi

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