Top 5 Running Accessories


Running shoes and apparel get all the accolades but today we’re talking accessories. These unsung heroes make your run better, they just do. Here are my top 5 running accessories.

5. Running Hat (with a brim)

This accessory is key no matter the time of year but especially important in the summer time. It’s one of those items that every runner should have in their bag. There are three main reasons the running hat with a brim makes its way onto my list. The first is that it keeps my hair out of my eyes when I’m running. My wife also likes wearing a hat to run as it keeps her ponytail where it needs to be. The second reason the hat is on the list is because it protects my face from the sun. Sun exposure is a huge issue for runners and wearing a heat can help reduce the exposure of your face. The third reason is because it helps keep the sweat and rain out of my eyes. This is crucial. On a rainy day or in the heat of the summer grab that hat, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Sunglasses

Speaking of keeping things out of your eyes, how about those harmful UVA and UVB rays? Having a pair of sunglasses on the run is super important. There are so many different types of shades from polarized, to auto darkening to your cheapo pair you’ll find at the gas station. Invest in a solid pair that de-fogs automatically, has a comfortable nose piece and fits your face properly and you will not be disappointed.

3. Socks

Socks is a topic that could be and probably will be a blog post all on it’s own. They are such an important piece to the running puzzle that it’s imperative you invest in a solid set. When I talk about socks I mean a solid running sock, not the ol’ hanes 15-pack from Wally World. These running socks will be a polyester blend, they’ll be seamless and they’ll stay on your feet and won’t slip down into your shoes. If you’re someone who is prone to blisters, there is a chance that good running socks would be #1 on your list.

2. Water Bottle

If the three keys to real estate are location location location then the three keys to running are hydration hydration hydration. Having a good water bottle around you at all times will set you up for success. Running and hydration go hand in hand and not only in the Summer months, all year round. I’m a fan of Hydroflask water bottles because they keep my water ice cold when the weather heats up, but really any type of water bottle is good. Try to keep it around you at all times and fill it up a few times throughout the day.

1. GPS Watch

This could be a controversial pick at number one but I’m sticking to my guns. This little tool is my favorite because of all the things they do. GPS watches these days not only give you the time, distance, pace and calories of your runs they do so much more. You can get watches that give you superior stats like cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, Vo2 max estimates and more. So if you’re a data nerd you’ll love it and if you’re not you’ll love the watches that allow you to play music over bluetooth, get phone notifications and come with an app to track all your workouts. It’s because of all these awesome features that for me, the GPS watch is the number one running accessory.

Bob BischoffComment