Running Routines


I find I’m at my best as a runner when I’m settled into my routines. I’ve got a few that I try to incorporate into my training that help me stay motivated and push me to get out the door. There are also a few race day routines that I need to do to get me ready to race! Check em out.

Lay out my clothes before

So whether I’m running a race or just heading out for a regular run during the week, this is something I try to do on the regular. I find this routine of laying out my outfit the night before a run or a race just propels me towards the run. It’s one step that I won’t have to do in the morning. It’s one thing already done. I can simply throw those clothes on and be ready to tackle the next workout.

Pick up my bib number the day before

This routine is a fairly recent phenomenon mostly because I’ve been running for so many years that I remember a time when number pickup was not an option before an event. This has to be one of my favorite routines, it sets the stage for the event, gets me into the racing mindset and allows me to focus on the race on race day. It’s one less thing I need to do when the race comes around. It’s a routine that I cannot live without, now that it’s available.

Eat the right food

I should probably put “right” in quotation marks. I eat the right food for me. I am not one of those runners who can wake up and head right out the door for a run. I’ll have to eat a little something before I can get out for a run. Before a normal run it’s some toast with butter or peanut butter, and if it’s a race I’ll grab a bagel with some peanut butter on it. I’m sure there are healthier options out there but that is the key to a successful run for me.

Use the bathroom

Once I eat I have to use the bathroom. I know that if I skip this routine, ITS A BAD RUN. It just is. After I’ve eaten I’ll have to use the bathroom once or twice before I can get out the door for a run. Otherwise it will be an awful run and I mean AWFUL.


This routine is something I do more for races. Before I get to the race I like to visualize how the race will play out in my head. I try to ignore the facet that there are other runners around and focus on the race I wouldd like to run. I’ll try to picture the course, get an idea of where the hills are. Maybe take a look at the weather and just go through the race in my head. What will I look like at each mile, what will it feel like? Usually this visualization helps set me up for success.