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Runners High

It’s elusive, it’s tough to track down, no one really knows what it Bigfoot? No. Today we talk a little bit about the runners high. Ray and I did a podc ast about it and I found it extremely interesting.  Check out a few facts...and not so facts about runners high.  


What is it?  

Well runners high is different for everyone who experiences it.  It’s tough to nail down exactly what it feels like.  It’s not like doing elicit drusgs that provide a specific sensation. But runners who say they’ve experienced runners high describe it as an over all feeling of wellbeing.  It’s a place in the run where you feel like you can keep running forever, or at a faster pace than usual or you just feel...good! 


There are competing schools of thoughts about where the runners high comes from. Some believe it is a rush of endorphins released in the brain. Ray found a German study that seemed to point to this. This could have something to do with our natural fight or flight response.  However, I found a study that specifically blocked endorphins from being released and the runners in the study still felt the runners high sensation.  So how do we get it then? 

How do we get it?  

Well there are a few factors that contribute. The first is you’ll have to participate in a rhythmic activity for over 30 minutes straight. In addition, runners who run more often are more likely to experience the runners high.  

There are a few reasons we may have this feeling while running, it could very well be the release of endorphins or seretonin or dopamine in the brain. Studies have pointed to the increase in body temperature contributing to this sense of wellbeing.


Or it could very well be that the rhythmic nature of running offers a sense of relaxation. Like a baby being rocked to sleep. This could explain why pce or surroundings make no difference.  



Well there really is no definite conclusion of the runners high, the science is still out. But it seems to me that if you want to get that feeling, run consistently and chances are you’ll get there!


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