5 Tips for Hitting the Trail

5 Tips for Running the Trails

If you’ve been on the club a while than you know my favorite part of the year is the winter! Why? Well, the 4th season trail series is fast approaching and its time to get after it. We always have a good team out there crushing it and I’m sure this year will be no different! I put together 5 tips for running safely on the trail. We’ll focus on staying upright and given that this series takes place in the winter that can be a little trickier than you think! 

Quick Feet

When the trails get technical and tricky its important to shorten the stride up and get those feet moving nice and quick. The short stride allows you to have your feet directly underneath you when you hit the ground vs reaching out in front. This is especially important when the trails are slick with ice and snow. Get those feet moving quickly, and keep em underneath you. 



Even when the trails are not covered in snow having footwear with traction is super important to staying up right when you’re out on the trails. I usually rock the Saucony Peregrine trail shoes but I’ve seen folks with Yaktrax or Ice Spikes when it gets real sloppy out there. The rocks and roots tend to be a little slick so make sure to do your best to avoid stepping on those and if you do be careful. 

Making Moves

As runners we go forward. Thats what we do. On the trails though that may not be possible. You may need to jump a felled tree. You may need to move around another runner laterally. Be prepared to move laterally or jump and keep your wits about you. Keep your eyes on the obstacles ahead. 

Throw the GPS Watch Away

If you’re someone who checks your watch incessantly than the trail may be tricky for you. Checking your watch can be tough when there are trees, rocks, roots and more in your way. Time is not super important when you’re out on the trail, its about beating the next person and having yourself a great time! 

Have Fun!


Speaking of having a great time…enjoy the trail run. Getting off the road helps mix things up a bit and can get you out of a rut if you’ve fallen into one. I love the 4th season trail race series because typically I hibernate in the Winter but these events force me to get out and get moving! Each event is different terrain, from the beach to the woods. See ya there! 

See ya on the Rhode…errr...Trail! 

Eric Lonergan