Newport 10 Miler Review



I had heard getting to and from the BankNewport Newport 10 Miler was a nightmare, however we did not have that experience. Christine and I decided to try to limit the amount of time we sat in traffic and park 1.5 miles away from Fort Adams. We ended up parking at Rogers High School and jogging the 1.5 miles to the Fort. Bonus there were much needed port-o-johns and water at the high school! I highly suggest this option if you’re someone who is cool with warming up for 1.5 to 2 miles before running 10! 


This was a very cool event, I had a blast and really enjoyed myself. I haven’t done a ton of races lately and I really miss the atmosphere of a fun race. Luckily thats what I got on Sunday. All of the runners were treated to an awesome event. The views couldn’t be better, like seriously the sunrise in Newport, come on. The race announcers were awesome, the organizers were super on point the race started on time the course was well marked, water tables well staffed and the finish at the fort was pretty cool. The Providence November Project showed up in force and Steve’s crew made the final mile a little easier for sure…I wish I grabbed one of those donuts but there was still work to be done! My favorite part though was seeing all of our Rhode Runner Teammates crushing it, Maria, Miguel, Brian, Vasco, Bryna, Allie, Christine and a ton more! Shout out to Priscilla and Jennifer for running their first 10 miler! Forget 5ks, next up HALF MARATHON!!!!


For me the race went pretty well. I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming into the race as my training hasn’t really been going so hot. We had a group of three or four dudes rolling through mile four, Miguel mentioned to me there was a pretty sizable hill around mile five so that played into my race strategy. If I felt good I’d try to make a decisive move right there and hopefully put some distance on the pack. Luckily it worked out and I was able to hold the pack off for the remainder of the race. So thanks Miguel! Though the course was a little hilly it was beautiful! The ocean views, the tree lined streets, we even got to run by my summer home on Bellevue Ave ;). 

Post Race

After the race Christine and I needed to hit the streets to get home. I thought the post race setup was pretty cool though. There were a few sponsors hanging out and I definitely loaded up on Kind bars. I wasn’t going to use my Beer Ticket so Christine and I gave ours to Bob from the Thirsty Irish, he’d probably get more use out of it for sure! Walking back to the car was the best because we got to see a ton of people finishing and cheer them on! High fives all around! Overall this was one of my favorite events so far this year and I’m thinking of putting it on the calendar for next year!