July Race Preview


Summer Racing Season

Its official July is here and we're ready to race! June was filled with fun 5ks and Half Marathons and July has some fun events as well. This blog post will focus on what we think are three of the best races of the month. 

Arnold Mills 4 Miler

Whats better than a 5k? A 4 miler of course! This decidedly old school four miler takes place on, you guessed it, the Fourth of July. If you’re like us and you have a million t-shirts you can choose to pay only $13 to run and at a cost of only $10 with the t-shirt included your fee is only $23 that's the best deal going. The course is very quick and super flat with an awesome downhill finish. The best way to start your Fourth of July just may be by heading over to Cumberland, getting your four miles in for the day, that way when your chucking back those burgers you won’t feel so guilty! 

Little Compton 4.8 Miler

Whats better than a 4 miler? A 4.8 miler of course! The Little Compton 4.8 Miler is another decidedly old school race. The course was designed to take runners through beautiful Little Compton and the race directors clearly didn’t care about making the distance a round number. What makes this race unique, also makes it fun, a great course, fantastic food and afterward there is a family festival at the local church. It's a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler

Whats better than a 4.8 miler? A 10 Miler of course! Wait, hold up. What? The Blessing of the fleet is the iconic Rhode Island Road Race a classic 10-mile course along the ocean on a summer evening. It doesn’t get more Rhode Island than that…perhaps unless they had coffee milk at the water stops. Anyway the last Friday in July Narragansett hosts thousands of runners and friends who wind their way down ocean road and back around to the beach. The run is usually hot, or there are thunderstorms, route 108 feels like it goes on forever but there are tons of people cheering you on, beers handed out all over the place a great post-race festival and another awesome way to spend a summer’s evening.