Teammates are the Best!

Around this time of year I start to think about our club and how fun it is to be a part of. We renew our club memberships and I really hope deep down that everyone renews cause I truly enjoy being teammates with all of you! I've been on a lot of teams throughout my running career, rec teams, High School (GO SKIPPERS!), College, and some club teams, but this one is no doubt my favorite. I thought I'd put together a blog with five reasons why teammates are so great...thats're great. 

They hold you accountable

There ain't nothing harder in this running game then getting out the door, believe me it's rough to get me running on Wednesday. Luckily I know I always have some awesome teammates to run with! Its super helpful knowing that if I don't show up to practice I may just be called out on it. If I'm certain Andrew is showing up then I'll be there and if Heather is ready to rock well then gosh darn it, I better be! I'm super lucky to work at the shop so once our Beginning Runner Group is rolling and Track Tuesdays start up, I'm set Monday through anyone up for a run on Friday!? 

They are fun to be around


So fun

They even sneak alcohol into the group run....

This crew we got is a gosh darn blast. I mean seriously have you ever sung Happy Birthday this much in your whole life? How bout them cupcakes, or those brownies come on now! Teammates are fun and the Rhode Runner Running Club is filled with folks who know how to have a good time. I've gotten sore hands at some of these races from all the high fives, no joke! I don't know if its a runner thing or just a Rhode Runner Running Club thing, but everyone is awesome. I don’t think there is one grump on this squad and that makes every run a great time! 

Have someone to hang with on race day

Race day can be stressful. You’ve got to get your number, you’ve got to warmup, where is the starting line? Did I eat enough? Drink enough? Jeez why am I here again!? Well first off calm down  we’re here to help. Having teammates around on race day can calm your nerves and help you get into the right mindset. They are going through all the same thoughts you are and just knowing you are not alone is comforting. These teammates will also make you laugh, or start up a conversation to get your mind off the worrying. They’ll warmup with you, jog with you, and stretch with you afterward. You can even commiserate about how awful or awesome that race went! 

They encourage you when you're feeling down

If that race went poorly you’re teammates will be there to pick you up. They know there is always another race around the corner. Maybe you just had a bad day? Teammates are there to remind you that you’ve put in the work and sometimes things just don’t go your way. Maybe its not even about running, Christine and I know first hand how awesome these teammates are when life hits ya hard. It’s nice to know that we’re in this together, we’re on your team. Keep your chin up kid. 

Feels badass crushing it with your y'all look cool

No joke. It really feels badass rolling up to a race with like 15 to 20 teammates ready to absolutely crush it. We’re all fit from our speed sessions, we’re rocking the singlet and folks know, we’re here to kick ass. Pardon my french but it’s true other teams know when we show up at a race, we’re taking over and we mean business…well we have fun…but we also mean business bud. 

So those are just a few reasons why having teammates is awesome. I really enjoy watching each and every one of you set and accomplish your goals, whether you’re trying to qualify for Boston or PR at your next 5k watching those race results roll in is one of my favorite things on the planet. Let me know what your favorite part of being on a team is in the comments below. 



Coach E.