face traffic



No yugo. Really I Insist Yugo.

As my coach always used to say “You'd rather be hit by a Bentley than a Yugo". Now I don't know what a Yugo is but it sounds awful. The best way to avoid being hit by a car is to know it's coming and get out of the way.  Being situationally aware and paying attention to what drivers are doing (even when they are not) will keep you safe on the rhode. So hug the curb, face traffic and keep your eyes peeled for Bentleys..;)

turn the headphones down

We all enjoy listening to music while we run. While I enjoy a little Yanni on the run as much as the next guy it's important to keep your wits about you. Yurbuds are great for two reasons, they don't fall out (really they don't) and they allow ambient noise in. Sometimes you can hear a car before you see it, if they come out from behind a building or a row of hedges or an elephant.

run in well lit areas

Being seen is key to staying safe out on the rhodes. When the fall arrives in earnest it gets darker earlier, curse you daylight savings! Running in well lit areas will help keep you upright since you’ll see rocks/potholes/manhole covers etc…and cars will be able to see you. Places like Blackstone Blvd are awesome cause you can get a few miles in and stay safe. 

dress to be seen

Again being seen is key to staying safe out on the rhodes. Luckily there are all sorts of outfits, lights make you stand out from the background while you’re out their running. Its not a fashion contest out there and some folks may end up looking like a christmas tree but we’d rather be safe than sorry. 

make eye contact

This is something I try to do any time I’m crossing an intersection or road or driveway with a vehicle at it. Drivers making a right hand turn may not always look right before turning, DO NOT ASSUME THEY SEE YOU. They do not. Make eye contact get a little wave from them. A few seconds added onto your run is a much better outcome than the alternative. 

So there you have it. 5 Tips for running safely on the rhodes. Its all about paying attention and being aware of your surroundings! 

See you on the rhode!