Dynamic Warmups.

They're dynamic, they warm you up and you should do them every time you head out for a run. I've mentioned them in the past but I thought we'd dive a little deeper into what they look like and why we do them. Lets take a look at our routine. You'll want to do each of these warmups at least 5 times on each side. 

Knee Tucks. 

This warmup exercise engages the hamstring and helps warm up the calf before our workout.

Start by raising one leg and pulling your knee directly toward your chest. Focus on keeping posture and shoulders tall.
Pause and hold briefly.
Add more dynamic movement by raising up on the ball of your foot and lifting your heel.

(You can skip that last bit for the time being.)


There is probably a way better name for this warmup than Flamingos but we're rolling with that! Anyhow...this warmup is great for activating your hip flexors and quads before the run. 

Your going to grab your ankle and pull it towards your lower back. Push your hip on that same side forward to get a deeper stretch and engage those hip flexors. Remember to keep moving as we want to focus on warming up the muscles. 


Like Ice Cream Scoops only better. This warmup is awesome because it does a great job of engaging the hamstring and calf, but also helps get that ankle warmed up a bit. 

You're going to stick your right leg out in front with the toes pointed up. Dive down towards those toes and scoop up. Then switch legs immediately, I like to name ice cream flavors as I go along...

IT Band Warmup

The IT Band is a runners nemesis. Its a band that runs along the outside of your leg from your hip to your knee and down to your ankle. The IT band typically acts up in and around the knee, so its important to get it warmed up before we head out for our run. 

You're going to cross your right leg over left. Dive down towards your toes. And turn back towards the right. Once you feel that stretch switch sides. Left foot over right. Dive down turn towards the left and back up. The dude in the video below does it a little different in that he twists before he heads down. I prefer going down first as it is a little more gentle. 

Forward Lunge Warmup (Pulses)

This is another great warmup that wakes up multiple muscle groups. We engage the glutes, hamstrings, quads and its great for your hip flexors. 

Step forward with your right leg. Make sure both knees are at 90 degrees with your left knee just above the ground. Pulse up and down 10 times. You do not need to put a rope over your head like the lady in the video below. 

Side Lunges

With this warmup we're helping wake up the glutes a little bit along with the hamstring and adductor longus and adductor magnus on the inside of your legs. 

You'll start with your legs apart and sit back and down towards your right side. Come on up and dive down towards the left. 

Those are some of the warmups we use every time we head out for a run. 

See you on the Rhode! 

Coach Eric

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