So last week we shared with ya'll some insight into the training of some of the Rhode Runner Running Club members running the Boston Marathon. This week we take a peek into a few more. Lets run down the list of the Rhode Runner Running Club participants. 

Wave 1 (10:00am start time)
* Eric Lonergan - Corral 1 (#149)
* Jason Ashley - Corral 2 (#1891)
* Kurt Mias - Corral 3 (#2948)
* Eric Rudman - Corral 5 (#4095)
* Mike Muschiano - Corral 5 (#4587)
* Serge McKhann - Corral 6 (#5825)

Wave 2 (10:25am start time)
* Paul Chekal - Corral 2 (#9583)
* Brian Patrick Mulligan - Corral 3 (#10671)

Wave 3 (10:50am start time)
* Wendy Billings-Litke - Corral 2 (#17958)
* Mary D'Arcy - Corral 3 (#18712)

Wave 4 (11:15am start time)
* Liz Goodermote - Corral 4 (#27078)
* Paul Morrissey - Corral 4 (#27164)
* Allison Johnson - Corral 6 (#29808)


Boston. Where do I begin? It has been a journey, one that I never thought would happen, a journey I am proud of, and something that is such a wild card that anything is possible. I generally run five miles a day (it keeps the doctor away). Long runs have been interesting, anything from 6:45 pace to 8:40. On  rainy days, I tend to soak in the water, snowy days, I generally crawl through the final hour, and hot days.... well, hopefully it isn't a scorcher on race day. One thing is certain, the city of Boston will mean more to me on the day we all come together, Patriots day, 26.2 miles of camaraderie and perseverance.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me with the process, Jake, Coach Doyle, Eric, Amy, Sean, and Serge. 

Brian Patrick Mulligan

I finally started keeping a running log again, after years of thinking about it & not doing it. I'm glad I have it because my training, which I thought was pathetic, is not so bad. In the first 3 months of the year, I have run a total of only 12 weekdays! Because I have not done as many shorter runs as I'd like to, I have piled on the long runs on the weekends. My log reminds me of 2 20-milers, 3 18-milers, 1 17-miler, and 4 16-milers. And the plan is for one final 22-23 miler this Saturday on the Boston course. Not expecting to PR, but certainly hoping for a BQ.

Wendy Billings-Litke

This will be my first (of hopefully many) Boston Marathons. I am finishing up week twelve of my plan and have my last long run on the course this weekend (I do a two week taper). My training plan has me running every day with a maximum of about 65 miles for a week plus some biking or swimming and a decent amount of strength training. For the past few weeks, I have been going to Boston on Saturdays and doing my long run on the course and then doing a shorter recovery run on Sunday with the Rhode Runner group. Running on course has really increased my confidence, because I think I have a good idea how race day will feel for my legs. I have a new appreciation for hills and have started to feel bored on extended flat areas of road. Last week I tested out my race day strategy at the Eastern States 20 Miler. I went faster than I intended for the first half of the race, but still finished the last 10 miles at goal marathon pace for a negative split and felt like I could have easily run another six miles, so I know I am ready to kill it in Boston. 

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