This little state of ours is jam-packed with great places to run. From top to bottom Woonsocket to Westerly, Barrington to Burriville there are no shortage of places to run. I've run in a few places myself and thought I'd share five of my favorite in no particular order. 




The third longest bike path in the state is filled with beautiful scenic views of the blackstone valley.  Whether you start in Woonsocket or Cumberland you're in for 11.6 miles of flat fast running with plenty to look at. This spot is especially nice in the Fall when foliage is at its high point. You'll also cross paths with a lot of fast folks out there its a well known spot by RI's Elites and you may see Molly Huddle out there cranking through some workouts. The Blackstone Valley Half Marathon is an awesome race that travels along the bike path. 



Want to get off the Rhode a little bit? You can do so with well over 10 miles of weaving trails along the coast of Little Rhody Goddard Park is the perfect spot to get some easy miles in.  You can even get in a nice run along the beach...if you're into that kind of thing. Goddard Park is home to a few local 5ks as well so you can hit the Rhode if you'd like to as well. But the trails are certainly where its at. 



You'll find this path starting in India Point Park in Providence and ending in Independence Park in Bristol. Yup thats quite a ways. Its 14.5 miles in total. The perfect spot for anyone training for anything from a 5k up to a full marathon...heck if you're doing an Ultra Marathon it's a good spot. Its super flat aside from getting up and over to East Providence and its super scenic with views of Narragansett Bay. The Narragansett Bay Half Marathon and 5k travels along the bike path so be sure to check it out!



I couldn't write this blog without mentioning Ocean Drive in Newport. It is an absolute must for run for everyone in Rhode Island.  With sweeping views of the Atlantic Oceans and breathtaking mansions along the way its sensory overload. Be sure to pick a day that isn't super windy and you'll not regret your run. I've gone down and had a great ten miler. There are a few awesome running events that take you on this road from the Newport Ten Miler, The Newport Marathon and Half and more. 



If you've been around the Rhode Runner Running Club or Rhode Runner in general you'll know that Blackstone Blvd is one of our go-to spots. Affectionately known as the B-stone, the Boulevard or the Bully it's a beautiful 1.7 mile gravel path in the city. When the weather warms up you'll see the path fill up with runners, walkers and everyone in between. Get there at 730am and you'll most likely see our store manager Patrick knocking out a few miles. 

Do you have a favorite spot to run in Rhode Island? Share it in the comments section and you may just see it in a future blog!

See you on the Rhode! 

Eric Lonergan 

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