5 Tips for Running in the Snow

Its official, the first snowfall of the season is behind us. There are sure to be a few more up ahead and with that in mind lets take a look at some tips for running in the snow. Whether its falling on your head or icy and snowy on the ground this weeks post will hopefully help keep you upright and a little safer out there this winter. I hear-by present to you our 5 tips for running in the snow. 

wear a hat


Whether its for covering your ears to keep them warm or to keep the snow out of your eyes a hat can be super helpful when the snow starts to fly. I usually rock either a headband or a hat to keep my ears warm when the temps start falling. A cap with a brim is great for those run when the snow is falling keeping those eyes down at the ground in front of you prevents snow from getting into your eyes and disrupting your vision. Speaking of vision…

don’t forget sunglasses

Folks sometimes forget about sunglasses in the winter time. Why on earth would I need shades when its 23 degrees out? Well my friends there are a few reasons. In the winter the Sun hangs just a little lower in the sky and early morning or early evening runs can be particularly tough when you’re facing the sun. Another important factor is how bright the sun can reflect off of the snow. On a particularly sunny day it can be tough to look anywhere without squinting. The shades will help protect your eyes from the sun in the sky and the sun reflecting off of the snow. Last but not least when those snowflakes are literally falling out of the sky you’ll see a little clearer with some eye protection. 

face traffic

This is super important no matter what the weather but especially when there is snow on the ground or in the air. Being seen as a runner is tough enough on a clear day so make sure to face traffic and keep an eye on the cars coming your way. With the slick conditions you want to make sure to take all precautions necessary to avoid any incidents out there on the road. When in doubt assume drivers do not see you and stop or move out of the way. 

watch your footing


In addition to keeping your wits about you its important to keep you footing. When the temp drops below 32 you know there just may be some ice out there. Stay alert and keep your eyes fixed in front of you. look for any puddles that may have frozen over. This tends to be especially tricky after a snowfall and some melting occurs that day. The morning run the following day can be treacherous. If you need to go out in particularly icy conditions investing in some Yaktrax may be a great idea. We sell them at the shop and I’ve used them on some tricky runs myself. 

stay warm my friends

If you read my blog post from a few weeks back you know that dressing for a run in the winter is a piece of cake. Layer cake to be exact. Make sure to invest in three key tops (four if you’re a woman) Sports Bra, Base Layer, Mid Layer and sShell. Dressing in layers allows you to tweak your outfit based on the temp outside during your run. We always advise to dress for 20 degrees warmer than the temperatures outside. Even with that in mind you may heat up and have to ventilate, that is where that packable shell piece comes in handy or that 1/2 zip mid-layer is of use. 

Dressing for running in the snow is a little bit tricky but with a little guidance you’ll be a bit more comfortable out there on the run. If you ever have any questions the folks at the Rhode have been there and done that. Do not hesitate to ask! 

Bob Bischoff2 Comments