Fall Apparel Guide

Getting dressed for Fall running can be a very challenging task especially here in New England where the weather is constantly changing.  So in this post, I have discussed the must haves for any fall running wardrobe and the different properties and styles available to best fit your needs! Hope that you find it helpful and if you have any further questions or needs feel free to ask us either by phone, Facebook or email!


1. Half Zip

This piece is definitely the number one for any fall wardrobe. It provides the most diversity to any wardroom and is a great layering piece. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT: It is awesome for fall weather alone when its between 50-55 degrees or you can add it over a light long sleeve for temperatures between 40-45 degrees. Below those temperatures you can pair it with a light or heavy weight coat and a fitted base layer.

2. Long Sleeve

This is another versatile piece for the summer-fall transition.

WHEN TO WEAR IT: Long sleeves are great to wear over a tank when its between 50-60 degrees or under a light waterproof jacket when its chilly and raining...or to and from the gym.

3. Light Weight Jacket

At first glance these jackets don't look like much but you'll quickly learn how great they are! This piece is often wind and waterproof and contains plenty of reflectivity making it perfect over most outfits. Select models have built in venting, lights and come in highly visible colors for safety as well as function. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT: This piece is great for windy or rainy days and can easily become warmer by adding a long sleeve or half zip when needed to accommodate temperatures from 35 to 50 degrees. 

4. Capris

This is probably my favorite bottom across all apparel! They are great for a wide variety of temperatures and come in different weights and cuts. Some capris have a wider waist band for built in support as well as built in pockets, venting and reflectivity. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT: Capris are awesome for most activities from yoga to running and everything in between. They are great for runners who have chafing between their thighs and can be worn in the spring, summer and fall in temperatures above 35 degrees. 

5. Tights

If you love capris and know the weather is going to be chilly than this is the piece for you. Tights like other apparel come in different weights to accommodate different temperatures. Some are lined with fleece for extreme winter weather and they may also contain key pockets, zippers, reflectivity and a drawstring for adjustment. Unlike pants you will not have problems with chilly air coming up the leg and for additional warmth they could always be worn under a pant. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT: These are great for temperatures below 40 degrees and are definetly my top choice for cold winter running. When selecting them be conscious of the weight and select the tight designed for the temps you are comfortable running in. If you move inside when the temps get under 25 degrees then a fleece lined tight may not be right for you!

6. Pants

These are an essential piece of apparel for any wardrobe. They too come in different weights and weaves for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Many have zippers for easy on/off access, pockets, reflectivity, drawstrings and some even have mesh panels for breathability. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT: Pants are great to wear over your capris to warmup at races. They are also great for a run when the temps dip below 45 degrees. Tights will always be warmer but sometimes its nice to have a little more discretion ;). 

7. Shorts

Last but certainly not least, living in New England shorts are a necessity no matter the season. They are a staple year round and come in various materials, weights and cuts. Most running shorts will have a pocket for your keys, GU or a credit card. Many have breathable mesh paneling and built in underwear. You can also find a 2 in 1 short with built in compression shorts. 

WHEN TO WEAR IT: Shorts are great for 45 degrees and above or for your trip to the gym when the weather gets to cold to go outdoors!

I hope this helps and remember all of these items can be found at Rhode Runner and any of our awesome staff can help guide you along to all the gear you need!