Top 10 Reasons to join the Rhode Runner Running Club!

1.  Our Running Club is Really Awesome.

There is always a lot of really nice people to run and hang around with.  Aside from the friendly people there is often free beer, food and great gear and shoes to try out too!  On the third week of each month our very own run club member Nate Broomfield from Pawtucket’s Bucket Brewery comes to the club and supplies our club with a nice every brew each month.  Since our group has grown, we often have celebrations, birthday parties and go out for trivia after our runs.

2.  There is always someone to run with at YOUR pace.

Each week we usually have at least 30 people who show up to run on Wednesdays and we just recently just added 8 new pacers to our run club.   Pacers run from 7 minute pace to 14 minute pace and they are more than happy to guide you along at work outs or for a 3 to 7 mile run.

3.  We have three runs each week a workout, recovery run and long run.

Our Wednesday night and Sunday morning runs go year around in the sun, rain and snow.  Starting up again in March will be our Tuesday night workouts and our Beginner Running Group.

4.  You have access to personalized coaching from USATF certified coach Mwangi Gitahi.

Coach Mwangi will create Tuesday night workouts for the Running club based off of the Rhode Runner Race series.  For an additional fee Coach M offers more personalized coaching.

5.  As part of the club you are invited to take part in the team races and events. 

When you join the Rhode Runner Running Club, you will gain access to the Running Club team page on the website that has a list of the club races which you are invited to take part in.  Currently we have 7 races on the schedule for 2016, but there may be more to come.  Many of our run club members take part in many other races too so if you fancy an additional race you’ll probably see them out there!

6.  You get a sweet singlet as part of your membership when you sign up.

When you sign up for the club you will get a free singlet as part of your membership.  We also have additional warmups T-shirts and new singlets that get printed pretty often and can be purchased to share your cheer for an additional price.

7.  Each week you will get a witty and informative newsletter sharing the most up to date news about the club, runs and results from the week!

Every week you will get an email letting you know what is going on that week at the run club, any additional news, access to coach Mwangi’s tips and race results.  It will let you know if there is any club outings, vendors stopping buy, or races coming up.

8.  You will get access to unlimited inspiration and motivation.

This one goes without saying from Facebook fitness challenges to race and run invitations, you will definitely find yourself feeling inspired.  You might even end up running a marathon like me!

9.  Upon signing up for the club you will get a 15% off discount on full price items at the shop.

This ones always helpful, from sneakers to gear to keep you safe and visible during all of those miles!

10.  Once again, you will finally get to enjoy all of the benefits of being part of a team again!

Honestly our team really is a blast!  Having been a part of it for about 6 years its really been a nice way to transition from running on a team to adult running.  It’s introduced me to a lot of really awesome people to run with and a lot of great friends in general.  Its inspired to me take up yoga, run half marathons which are now my favorite event and even to helping me complete my first marathon!  Click below to sign up!