I wanted to start off today by saying isn't this the best time of year?  I know myself that I absolutely love the cool crisp fall weather thats great for running as well as the hot apple cider and fall festivals.  

In the theme of Runspiration, here is some tips on how to keep your runs fun and and interesting and below are some pictures from my Sunday Runday!


Sunday Runday Recap!!

Since last weekends run was so much fun running to Narragansett, my running buddy and I decided to keep with the theme of running to/ for breakfast whatever your choice may be and run to Bristol this past sunday.  So in tradition we decided to finish at the Sunset Cafe in beautiful Bristol, Rhode Island!  

So for our lovely run, we decided to start just past the Pawtuxet village playground and run up Allens Ave through Providence.  On our venture through Providence we managed to see the beautiful morning skyline and the excitement of the Providence Color Run which lead us up through India Point Park and landed us on the East Bay Bike Path with is another great place to run!

If you haven't checked it out before I highly reccommend it, it's a 13.8 miles and connects 8 parks along the way. This bike path is excellent for families or long runs with many easy stops along the way for water, bathrooms and even Your Bike Shop in case you get a flat!  This bike path will land you in beautiful Downtown Bristol with a which has a pleather of local owned and operated shops and cafes including Green River Silver Co. and the Beehive Cafe. 

Thanks for checking out our blog and Please stay tuned for next weeks post! below is a snapshot of this weeks Sunday Runday!  Have a great weekend!!

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