Local Matters.

Thank You for Shopping Local. 

Locally Owned and Operated.

We here at Rhode Runner love the fact that our customers shop local.  The impact their purchases has on the community is nearly immeasurable.  Rhode Runner uses those dollars to pay employees well enough to contribute to the local economy, support local events, donate to local charities and work to help grow other small businesses in the community.  We throughly enjoy our state and region and are truly grateful to be here.

Rhode Runner is the only locally owned running store in Providence and one of two locally owned running stores in the state of Rhode Island the other being Camire's in Wakefield.  Bob and Colleen Bischoff have spent 13 years building Rhode Runner and working for them is a wonderful experience. They care about what we do, and do everything in their power to make sure we enjoy our job (and we do!).   The fact that we know and communicate with our owners on a regular basis means we can do much more to support the community with training programs, classes, fun runs and donations to awesome local charities. 

Our employees are proud to be a part of this great community and they show it by taking part in local events and shopping at other local stores with the money they earn which keeps those dollars in our community.   According to Michael Shuman author of Local Dollars Local Sense "Every job in a locally owned business generates two to four times as much economic-development benefit as a job in an equivalent nonlocal business."  Rhode Runner employees rent here, buy homes here, shop here, eat locally for lunch, we hire local electricians and trash removal to make a long story short most of the money you spend here stays here.  

So again thank you for shopping local.

Bob BischoffComment