Safety First

its getting dark

Its official. The clocks went back yesterday and now its going to be dark whether you run in the AM or in the PM. November is Running Safety month and with good reason. Its important to keep a few things in mind as we get deeper into the fall and winter months. Lean on us here at the Rhode as we’re well equipped to answer any questions you may have. We’ve been there done that when it comes to running through the winter months. 



Get some.

be seen

Dress bright. Be bright. Reflective vests, blinking lights, brightly colored clothing. They are all your friends this time of year, invest in apparel with 360 degrees of reflectivity and with brightly colored accents. Face traffic, as I’ve said in a previous post you want to make sure you see cars coming and have their attention when crossing in front of them. 

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where you're going. 

see where you're going

Headlamps or clip on lights can help light the way when you’re out there in the darkness. Learn from my mistakes, I just literally twisted my ankle on a rock I didn’t see last week! So take it from me, invest in a headlamp or clip on light. The Rhode has some awesome rechargable ones that are super lightweight and very very bright! 

be aware

Be situationally aware. Plain and simple. Sometimes we want to get lost in our music or zone out during our run. This time of year is not the time to do that. Drivers have a tough enough time paying attention in the daylight, let alone when darkness falls. Always er’ on the side of caution, assume they do not see you and make sure they do before you cross the street or jump off the side walk. 

DSC_1402 2.jpg



run together

Get a buddy and get one quick. Join us on our Sunday morning or Wednesday evening run to make sure you have company. Need someone to run with the rest of the week? Chat it up with someone during our group run and set something up. Use our Rhode Runner Facebook group to schedule a run with someone. Its always better to be safe than sorry. 

treadmill yuck

Last resort. Hit the mill. You’ll get miles in and know you’re safe. Its terrible I know all too well, but at least you can get some work in. 



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