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Loggers Race Virtual 5k, 10k or Half Marathon

The Loggers' Race is a virtual race, meaning you can run anywhere you would like! You can run at the gym on a treadmill (or at home if you have one), doing laps around the block or a track, or what we prefer- In the woods! We suggest getting out there and enjoying the forests and trails for all their natural beauty, but you do what is most comfortable and accesible for you!

The way it works... Simply download a fitness tracker to your smartphone, there are several free ones (I like nike+), start up the app on race day and track your miles! Once you have completed your set amount of miles take a screen shot and email us the picture! Its that easy. Be sure to take some photos of your journey so we can post your pictures up on our facebook group and instagram!!

"What if I dont have a smart phone"... No Problem! we also will abide by the honor system here!

The proceeds of this race will be donated to a great charity that will be selected by you the runners! YES YOU! We have selected 5 charities that you guys will vote to pick the winner on our facebook group. These charities are The Wounded Warrior Project, Autism Speaks, The Alzheimer's Association, The Jimmy Fund and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So no matter who will get selected it will be towards a great cause and your charity could always be the winner next race!!

We hope you have fun on your journey and thank you for your support and donation to some great causes!

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