Beginning Runner Group


What does membership get you?

- Access to coaching support

 - Access to the BRG Facebook Page

 - Access to Mike Silva at Foundation Performance (via email)

 - Weekly BRG newsletter with weekly workouts (non-members will not be able to see the workouts) and weekly Coach's Corner blog

-Weekly Coach led workout

- In-store discount (15%)

- Premium Membership gets you a sweet Rhode Runner Technical T-shirt by Brooks Running

So as you can see, membership to the program is totally worth it! 

Group run held weekly. 

Program membership is $75 for 14 weeks.

Premium membership is $100 for 14 weeks.

Spring Session: 

First Practice March 5th 2019 at Lippitt Memorial Park. Purchase membership below.

Beginning Runner Group Membership
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Premium Beginning Runner Group Membership
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